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Chinese medical immortal

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    January 16, 2023 9:25 PM PST

    The city of Changyun is very unusual. Someone once said that if you are a man full of ambition, but you have no achievements in your career and your income is mediocre, then you should leave Changyun as soon as possible. Otherwise, after many years, you will have nothing and will only become the sacrificial object of the city. This city will spit on you mercilessly after sucking up your blood. What it gets is prosperity, and what you lose is youth. If you are a graceful woman, but you haven't found the place you want, you'd better leave Changyun as soon as possible. It can't carry your dream, and the bustling market of the pedestrian street can't give you a happy life. This city will kick you away after ravaging your original pure body. What it gets is pleasure. What you shatter is your dream. Even if a poor boy falls in love with an ordinary-looking girl, he needs too many reasons. The so-called love at first sight can only happen at the moment when you open the car door in a natural and unrestrained way. The so-called love may appear after you swipe your card crazily. Everything is so simple, so natural. Even if this kind of love is obtained, how many people will really cherish it. This city is good for sex but not for love. There are more people to *** with than young ladies, and few people to fall in love with. There are many beautiful women, few pure women, many tall men, but few real materials, stripped of their clothes, in fact, are soft steel bars. For the men who live in this city, friends are for sale, women are for sex, which can be their motto. Women find a poor and handsome man as their boyfriend, which satisfies their vanity but not their luxurious material pursuit, so they try their best to have sex with rich men, and then ask them to pay a year's rent for themselves and promise to give advance notice and play as they go! But this kind of woman is very fascinating. And this situation in this nightlife's main base bar,China spa factory, can be more reflected, the whole city is full of material desire, but here is human desire, no power and no money, here you are so weak, so fragile, but this young man obviously made a mistake, it is not easy to come out to vent, Yi Yongheng can also meet such a guy who does not have eyes. He obviously did not see,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, Chu Xiangjun such a beautiful woman is he can not succeed, even if he has more money, also can not get, but will cause a disaster. Everything in the bar, so that Yi eternal mood has changed a lot, the world is not everyone can change, but he clearly realized that some people are born with bad habits, unless they appreciate what is the pain of death, they will be sober. Look at Chu Xiangjun's expression, obviously do not intend to make their own hand, she is intentional, want to let Yi Yongheng in a little sober, more sober than he used to realize that the mainstream of the city in the end is what, like today's reckless things should not have happened, but Yi Yongheng did it recklessly, if not for the above change of policy, then Chu Xin Group is finished. And she also wants to see what this man will do when he encounters such a thing. She longs for this man to stand up and defend his dignity. When a man encounters such a thing, endless swim pool ,hot tub spa manufacturers, he usually fights. But she was disappointed, Yi Yongheng did not make a move. After drinking the third glass of wine, he did not hesitate to take Chu Xiangjun's hand. His face was slightly red and he was ready to go like a drunkard. The young man suddenly felt that his face was dull. Looking at Yi Yongheng's dress, he knew that he had no money. He was a gigolo like those kept men in the city. Did I let you go? Several people instantly surrounded, blocking the way of the two of them, from now on, Yi Yongheng has been silent, he is in a bad mood now, he suspects that if he really started, can not control, these people will die, although they are very easy to hate forever, but they do not have any unforgivable mistakes, Chu Xiangjun brought him here. He was clear, but the aggressiveness of these people made the anger in Yi Yongheng's heart erupt. At this moment, Chu Xiangjun clearly felt that this man had reached the edge of the outbreak, standing behind him, Chu Xiangjun had the feeling of childhood, everything had someone to shelter her from the wind and rain, she lived a quiet life, what she wanted. Want to fight? Yi Yongheng is like going back to his school days. When he was bullied, he always said something like this, so he was always beaten black and blue, but others would not be better. Even Chu Xiangjun in the side of the smile, this guy does not want to cause trouble, but said so out of the mouth, it is simply super owe type, sure enough, those people heard this sentence is a stupefied, this small white face is really a kind of very ah. Very good. I can't believe someone would dare to be so awesome here. You're the first one. As he spoke, the young man directly picked up the bottle and smashed it into Yi Yongheng's head. Under the loud music, the beer bottle crossed the air, but the bottle was blocked by a hand. The young man was startled, but before he could react, Yi Yongheng pinched his hand mercilessly. As soon as he ate the pain, the beer bottle fell to the ground, but was kicked up by one foot. The other hand caught it and hit the young man in an instant. There was a sound of glass breaking, and half a bottle of beer that had not been finished flowed out along the blood. The whole bar was still dancing and drinking, which was very common, and few people heard the sound under the music. All this is very coherent, happened in a moment, several other burly young people have not yet reacted, when they see the blood and glass mixed with the head, only to react, this guy must be a tough character, everyone knows that half a bottle of wine is the most deadly. Several people immediately rushed up, Yi Yongheng hands do not move, directly kicked two feet to fly, the strength of the road is appalling, the other one took out a fruit knife to stab him, his left hand a gear, a punch, fast and scary, and at this time the people on the dance floor found that something had happened here,outdoor spa manufacturers, they were surprised not to fight, surprised that the seemingly gigolo man, a dry down four or five. And he's holding a beautiful woman in one hand.