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Full version of equipment sold everywhere in Jianghu

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    January 16, 2023 9:25 PM PST

    "Yes." Qin Zheng squeezed a word out of his teeth. Half of her hatred for Han Tieyi was because he sold himself to the brothel to humiliate himself, even if the brothel did not force people to sell themselves, it was not a clean place after all. The other half of the hatred stems from her pride and self-esteem, which can be killed but not humiliated! Before she came into this world, she had never been so embarrassed as to be knocked unconscious. If her martial arts are still there, it's not his turn to be so arrogant! Why do you hate me so much? We're all square. Han Tieyi said with a smile as he turned around to resist the robbers who wanted to attack outside the door. When he first saw Qin Zheng just now, he was very surprised. He never thought he would meet her here. He just passed by Yongning Town and happened to meet a robber who robbed the town. Where could he miss the chance to improve the intimacy with NPC? Who knew that just after killing a few robbers and opening a shop door casually, there stood an old friend who glared at him. —————————— The second watch. Please continue to smash tickets ^ ^ The forty-first chapter of the text of "selling equipment everywhere in Jianghu" is tit for tat. Qin Zheng did not expect that Han Tieyi would turn around without any defense and expose his vest. She couldn't figure out what he meant. She didn't know whether he believed too much in his martial arts or whether he thought that personal enmity could be put aside in the current situation and that killing robbers was more important. Her sword was in her hand, the tip of which was only a few feet away from his body, and she could get revenge by sending it forward gently. Is it too easy to get revenge? Besides, it's too cheap for him to die so happily! Qin Zheng thought about it, after all, with a light hum, the hand holding the hilt of the sword relaxed slightly. Butterfly dance Fei Xu looked at Qin Zheng and Han Tieyi, I do not know what is between the two of them, feel inconvenient to interrupt, had to be there a handful of popcorn into the mouth without saying a word. Hey, I didn't expect you to be a gentleman and not poke me from behind. Han Tieyi laughed twice as he killed the robber. Qin Zheng is a killer,garden jacuzzi tub, as long as he can complete the task, he never pays attention to means. Does a killer need to pay attention to benevolence, righteousness and morality? This is ridiculous! He didn't kill him because he wanted to be fair and aboveboard, but he had other plans. But it is also very dangerous, he really did not relax his vigilance, just as long as he started to kill him, probably the death will be their own,Whirlpool bathtub, after all, now the strength and he is far from. All right, we're done! It all adds up to you taking advantage. Han Tieyi hurriedly took the opportunity to draw relations, as the saying goes, good men do not fight with women! He had not forgotten the sweet smile of Qin Zheng that frightened him in the lock of the Red Chamber. What's more, the revenge in the game, a little revenge once, there is no need to shout and kill every time we meet. Yeah, it's a clean slate. Qin Zheng smiled again. The door was blocked by the black door of Han Tieyi, and the safety was safe for the time being. She put away her sword and dragged the butterfly dance to continue to study the jewelry. She also pulled the guy who was so scared that he could hardly speak. Han Tieyi was left behind and continued to resist the robbers in a pitiful way, without even having time to catch his breath. As he wielded his sword with ease, he listened to the two women arguing over which bracelet was more beautiful. In the heart infinite sighs with emotion: The woman, as expected cannot offend easily, whirlpool bathtub ,hot tub manufacturers, they all hold a grudge. But it seems that she offended herself first. No matter how tough the robbers are, they are just monster NPCs that give players experience and equipment. They use the right tactics to break them one by one. It's actually very easy to kill them, but they just take medicine without internal force and continue to take medicine when they are injured. Before long, the crowded streets had been largely emptied of bandits and horse corpses. Fortunately, the game needs to take into account the player's psychological endurance, will not do too bloody, in addition to bleeding, there is no broken arm flying, limb broken disgusting scene appeared, Qin Zheng had felt strange at the beginning, but saw more and gradually got used to it. At this time, although she seems to be studying jewelry with the butterfly dance, in fact, out of the corner of her eye, she has been paying attention to Han Tieyi's every move, waiting for the best time at any time. Han Tieyi where to guess Qin Zheng's mind, thought that the enmity between them was cancelled. When he was very quick to kill the last robber with a sword, Qin Zheng grabbed a silver vase that she had already found and used as a decoration in the shop and smashed it into his head. With a thump, the silver vase made a muffled sound after intimate contact with the back of Han Tieyi's head, and then the guy who had been full of vigor and vitality a moment ago fell to the ground as soon as his body softened, stirring up a dust. The key attack in the game simulates reality. Players have a certain chance of fainting after being hit in the head. Of course, the greater the strength, the higher the probability, which has nothing to do with the comprehensive strength value. Uh! Very good! Carefully calculated position, distance, angle of strike and the force with which the blow must be hit! As expected, his later behavior relaxed the guy's vigilance. Qin Zheng breathed a sigh of relief and put down the silver vase. He smiled sweetly at the stunned butterfly dance and the shop assistant and said, "Fortunately, the vase is silver, otherwise I would lose money." "Sister July, do you have a deep hatred for this man?" The butterfly dance Fei Xu has seen P, but has not seen taking the vase to hit the person, after Qin Zheng knocks Han Tieyi unconscious, the carefree joyful expression has fallen into her eye. Yes Qin Zheng nodded and kicked Han Tieyi several times, saying, "If my martial arts weren't too weak to beat him, I wouldn't have to bother so much." Just then, the robber who had been stabbed down by Han Tieyi at the door got up again. It turned out that he was only injured and had not yet died completely. When the saber in the robber's hand was about to hit the unconscious Han Tieyi, Qin Zheng stabbed him to death with a sword from the side, and then went to search for the silver and articles on the robber's body. If you have a grudge, why don't you kill him? "Killing him can also reduce his comprehensive strength value by 10%, so that the strength gap between you and him can also be narrowed." "It's too cheap to kill him." Qin Zheng smiled. After searching the robbers,endless swim spa, he asked the shopkeeper, "Do you have any hemp rope here?" She was afraid that Han Tieyi would wake up again like the robber, and that would be difficult.