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    January 16, 2023 9:25 PM PST

    As long as I turn on the computer, I will find that the world is so lively, and in the village, because most of the residents are old people, so even if they pass away, everyone will not be sad for a long time. In the past two years, I found that people around me are more open-minded about the death of the elderly. For the deceased, in addition to the really sad family, other people can not have too many feelings, even the funeral, are more and more frivolous. The fever first broke out in the south, and then gradually there were cases in the north, and foreign countries were not spared. In short, the whole earth was the hardest hit area. For this pandemic virus, some laymen speculate that it is dengue fever, but obviously, dengue fever can not have such a high mortality rate. Those people study to the end, there will inevitably be a new term, and then give a variety of qualitative, as for the relevant institutions, in the end has not made the virus clear, the people naturally will not know. At the beginning, everyone was careless, after all,endless pool factory, there were not a few infectious diseases that had been experienced over the years, and everyone was used to it, because every time it was thunder and rain, it never caused substantial harm to themselves. The things that happen to others are always insignificant. However, this time, after all, is different from the past, our town is the first outbreak of the school, the beginning of this fever,4 person jacuzzi, just in time to catch up with the students on the eve of the final exam, everyone is busy preparing for the exam, anyway, after the summer vacation, the school felt that the suspension of classes does not need to seize the day, a few days later does not matter much. But just before and after the final exam, a group of students were sent to the hospital, no matter how much this matter has to do with the school, in short, the school is very difficult to shirk responsibility. As long as a child has an accident, the first thing the parents look for is the school. If not, who will you look for? First there was a fever, then there was meningitis, and then there was a strike disorder in all functions of the body. In the end, there were only two survivors in this group of children, not to mention those who had passed away, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub, and there is still a steady stream of students being sent to the hospital. Now most parents are desperate and are sent to the hospital as if they were sent to the morgue. In addition to students, there are many such cases in society, and the incidence of scattered areas, it is difficult to control, in terms of age, the elderly have relatively few chances of onset, children are the most dangerous. Judging by the probability that two out of a hundred people from the town's elementary school will survive being sent to the hospital, anthropologists probably don't need to worry about the earth's overpopulation anymore. But those children are the hope of the future of mankind. Without children, we will soon be extinct. I don't have children, so I can't understand the heart-rending of those parents, but I still feel a little sad when I look at the families with children in the village every day, which are almost neurotic. And those few surviving children have also become the object of social concern. It is said that other areas are similar to ours, and the mortality rate is also high. It is rare for one or two people in a hundred to survive, and sometimes not. Survivors have become the object of study, their number is very small, coupled with the strength of the research population, mainly in the large number and advanced configuration of two aspects. The world's top medical scientists are also involved in the study of the fever, and some of the less famous experts are not far behind. Everyone is very devoted, the difference is only the starting point, some people from the love of medicine and a philanthropic heart, some people do not want to miss this golden opportunity to get ahead. Recently, there was a case in M country where a survivor was admitted to the hospital with excessive blood drawing, and then everyone began to feel insecure. Once suffering from this fever, going to the hospital became a more dangerous thing. Either he could not be saved, or if he was saved, he would face the dilemma of becoming a research object. The two surviving students in the town had already been taken to the city, allegedly to cooperate with the research, and their families were not allowed to accompany them. Originally, no one had any idea, but since the news of M country spread, the parents of the students went crazy and wanted to see their children. I heard that the relevant departments agreed, and the parents of the students also went to the city, but they haven't come back yet. Yes, they have to cooperate with the research. As long as the research is not over, they probably won't be able to go home for a while. I am extremely grateful for this, because I have a good habit of never going to the hospital when I am sick, and now I can finally keep my freedom. If I had gone to the hospital or clinic at that time, I might not know which research Institute I would be in at the moment. I spent most of my time living my own life as usual, herding sheep and making straw during the day, getting something to eat when I came home at night, and then turning on the computer to watch the news. At present, the disease has not been effectively controlled, but the relevant departments have put it on mosquitoes, listening to mosquito bites is the most likely channel of transmission. As soon as the news came out, mosquito killing products were snapped up crazily. Electric mosquito swatters and mosquito killing lamps were the best sellers, and all kinds of mosquito-repellent incense tablets and liquid mosquito-repellent incense were sold out. I also bought a box of mosquito-repellent incense, the oldest kind of circle mosquito-repellent incense. This is my experience of more than ten years. Those mosquito-repellent tablets and liquid are not as useful as this. Although mosquitoes are fumigated at the same time, people also have to be fumigated. I don't think I need this thing to save my life, but after this incident, it will be difficult to buy mosquito-repellent incense for a long time. Now I buy some for preparation, after all, this thing is also a daily necessity. Not long after, there was news about the problem of fruit additives. Swelling agents and sweeteners were all pediatrics. I turned on the computer and looked at the news. It was really multifarious. Human wisdom is really infinite. This has triggered a food crisis,american hot tub, we do not know in the end which food is completely non-toxic, can be safely eaten. I am glad that I retired from the torrent last year and chose to go home to farm wisely and decisively. If I were in the city, I would not know how to starve now.