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Golden House Hatred by Liujijiang Station is the most

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    January 16, 2023 9:24 PM PST

    The emperor's request is very difficult, but this is the only glimmer of hope. Kim Il Dan was sincerely convinced and kowtowed, "I thank your majesty for your grace." Liu Che coldly looked at Jin Ri single step down, back, way, "so, Jiao Jiao satisfied." Chen Ejiao turned out from the back of the pavilion, holding the stove in her arms and raising her eyebrows, "Why am I satisfied? Early, isn't it also Your Majesty's daughter?" "?" "Or does your Majesty have any other ideas?" Liu Che snorted coldly, took Gillian's hand and frowned. "It's windy here. Let's go back to Nagato." Gillian smiled, softened her expression, and gently answered, "Good." The release of Kim Il Sung, of course, because of days and Gillian's indifferent distance, so that he was slightly tired, do not want to be inferior to Gillian's meaning. Is not this stubble, he thought, if Yue Ning insisted, to the end, he will agree. Because, he is reluctant to part with, Yue Ning, not satisfactory. Yuening,outdoor hot tub, in his heart, is the Gillian who has never been hurt. He had personally brought Gillian hurt, they hope, Yuening do not go the same way. And he protects Yue Ning, just like protecting Gillian in those days. Therefore, it is impossible for him to cut the scar for Yuening with his own hands. However, this secret thought, all hidden in the snow falling leisurely in Jianzhang, from beginning to end, no trace. On the last day of the year of yuanding,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, after noon, the snow began to fall again in Jianzhang Palace. In a short time, it was overwhelming. Looking out, as far as the eye could see, it was a vast expanse of whiteness. However, no matter how heavy the snow is, it can't stop the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. The palace people from top to bottom in Jianzhang have already put a new look on the new palace. There are bright red lanterns under the porch, which add warmth to the cold winter night. Liu Che sympathize with the weakness of Gillian, do not want to walk more than half a step, then set the family banquet in the snow pavilion of Jianzhang Palace. When it was almost dusk, Chen Ejiao sat in the palace car and ordered, "Go to Feixue Pavilion." Sitting on the palace car, I still heard the north wind blowing, the curtain of the car bumping up and down, showing a little snow color, really like the catkins raised by the wind. She could not help but reach out to catch the snowflakes, only to feel a slight chill on her hands, endless pool swim spa ,jacuzzi swim spa, and then look, the snowflakes quickly melted on her hands, and soon, there was only a little water stain, no trace. It suddenly occurred to me that in that year, the divination sign drawn in yuanjue Temple, the seven-character poem on it: Gaozu Yin Xiu is the first branch, and his heart is indifferent to others. Jianzhang stretches for three thousand miles, blowing all the sand to the gold. Blowing all the sand to the gold, Gold comes from blowing all the sand. Now, she could gradually understand the meaning of the first three sentences, but she could not understand the last sentence alone. I always feel that if I understand it, everything will come to an end and have a grand ending. yuan Guang five years, Chen Ejiao see waste. In the sixth year of yuanguang, she gave birth to Moer and Zaozao. yuan Shuo six years, Liu Che know her existence, the same year. She returned to the Han Palace. Until now. The year of yuan Ding is coming to an end. Counting on one's fingers, how many years have passed quietly, and they, the fate of entanglement, together through so many years, gradually, are not young. As the saying goes, "Gold comes from blowing all the sand". What kind of ending does it mean? The sixth year of yuanding is a magnificent year. In the spring, Liu Che in south Vietnam set the south China sea, such as nine county, south Suian. Set the southwest barbarians again. Send the military certificate back to Dongyue. All of a sudden, the territory was expanded. The country flourished far and wide, and the emperors in the Xuanshi Palace were in high spirits. They had spent half of their lives in civil and military affairs, and had reached the peak, which no one could match. As far as she was concerned, the six years of yuanding finally had a good ending. Far away, then see. The Flying Snow Pavilion is brightly lit, and the warm hall that has been decorated is full of spring. Liu Chu stood under the porch, laughing and shouting, "Mother." The expression is bright. He was dressed in a white brocade fur coat, which was the same color as the snow outside the hall. He blushed more and more, and was carved with powder and jade. Slow down. She got out of the car with a smile. He took Liu Chudi by the hand and asked, "Is it cold early?" "Not cold." Liu Chu chuckled, and her hands were really warm. "Mother is really beautiful today. Father must like it when he sees it." She sighed contentedly and relied on Gillian. "Mother still looks so young.". People who don't know will not think that we are mother and daughter, but that we are sisters. "Garrulous.". "She couldn't help laughing. She flicked Liu Chu's forehead and said jokingly," You're satisfied. I really have a daughter who has just grown up. " The tender way she blinked and called her mother on the Tanggula Mountain was still vivid in her mind, and in a twinkling of an eye, she was already old enough to get married. Mother. Liu Chu blushed faintly and said, "There are still three years to go.". Who knows what will change? "Her eyes shone brightly and she said," My father won my heart this time. I can stick to my mother for another three years. How wonderful. "You'll be an old maid if you keep on lying." She said slowly. Looking up, I saw the imperial chariot coming from the direction of Xuanshi. The man on the chariot had been entangled for half a lifetime. She had thought that his name to her was just a cold symbol on the paper like a vast number of historical celebrities in Haiti, but under the trick of fate, she had no choice but to tie his eyebrows and eyes with his name, which could be clearly drawn with her eyes closed. In the end, he was even familiar with his breath, just like looking down at the lines on his palm. Fate is such a wonderful thing. And she was trapped in the whirlpool of fate, and she had been resentful, hated, and unwilling to be manipulated by fate. In the end, I believe that some things,jacuzzi manufacturers, under the silence of time, seem so pale and powerless. It was as if a person walking on a main road suddenly turned a corner. Walking on that detour for a long time, I gradually forget that what I am walking on now is not the same as the original road.