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Wan Long Shen Zun

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    January 16, 2023 9:19 PM PST

    Sheng Ao laughed, his body spread out, his fists glowed black again, and an extremely overbearing wave spread slowly like a wave of water. Black Inflammation Sacrifice! On the proud fist, the black light suddenly gushed out like the tide, the magnificent momentum was boundless, overflowing, and the black light was obviously bursting with the law. Zhu Xian Kendo can also have an epiphany. "Wen Qingye seemed to wake up from meditation, and his eyes gradually turned to the pride of breaking through the air, with a touch of ecstasy in his heart.". There was another uncontrollable cry of surprise in the crowd. Sheng Ao's punch was more powerful than the two punches just now, just like the sum of the strength of the first two punches, and the momentum suddenly reached its peak. Wen Qingye's eyes still did not fluctuate at all, and he suddenly stretched out his arm. Whoa! The next moment, a dark shadow suddenly appeared in front of Wen Qingye and Sheng Ao, which gradually appeared as if it were a huge iron gate, with strange brilliance floating around it. Standing there, in an instant, all the momentum of Sheng Ao was pressed, directly into nothingness, he looked so small in front of the door, as if it was like a gravel. This gate is called the gate of the underworld. The fifth form of the seal of immortality! Hate to look back at the gate of the underworld! In front of the gate of the underworld, a seal seemed to come out of the void and rushed towards the proud fist. Boom! The impact of the vitality visible to the naked eye spread out from the arms of Wen Qingye, and a deep, heart-stopping sound resounded through it. Hum Wen Qingye's cold voice, as if from the nine days came out, resounded through, the impact of India more ferocious, faster up. Knock! Under the collision of the two phases, the roar rose into the sky, like a heavy hammer stirring in the hearts of the people, and some of the people who had destroyed the first and second heavens were pale and receding rapidly towards the rear. I don't know how long it took, but the proud and discomfited figure gradually emerged, and finally landed on the ground,7g Ozone Generator, drawing a few feet, just to stabilize the body. Coax! Sanqingtai, immediately sent out bursts of sound of panic, no one expected, Wen Qingye shot again, instantly reversed the situation. I told you just now, don't get too carried away. It seems that you didn't remember what I said just now. "Wen Qingye put his hands behind his back and looked at the pride of his gloomy face in the distance as if he was about to drip water." You want to beat me with one punch? You're not qualified. The crowd looked at the two men who were fighting against each other, took a breath together, and did not speak. Sheng Ao's eyes were gloomy and he stared at Wen Qingye fiercely. His eyes were full of flames of rage. He stepped out step by step, and his voice was full of hostility. Get carried away. I'll show you what "get carried away" means. Sheng Ao finished, the body a swing, boundless vitality seems to rise into the sky, around seems to appear dozens of strange pillars of light. These pillars of light are located all around Sheng Ao's body, shining bright, dazzling, straight into the sky, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic welding tape, inserted into the clouds. With the appearance of the pillar of light, the proud momentum appeared soaring momentum. It's already the breath of the Six Heavens of the Destroyed Territory. This is a secret skill that Sheng Ao got, the skill of swinging clouds in ten directions, which can be improved for a moment without any side effects. Many people around said in a low voice, with a look of extreme envy in their eyes. Wen Qingye looked around the constant rotation of the light column, calm eyes have not moved, when no one noticed, his palm began to clench gently. At the moment when Wen Qingye clenched his fists, the hair between Wen Qingye's ears and temples began to make public wantonly, and the pale golden vitality around him began to flow constantly around him. Wen Qingye's vitality is no worse than that of Sheng Ao, who has destroyed the five-fold heaven. After all, he has four times of oppression from the ten-fold heaven, and even has a stronger vitality with the breath of Longwei. And he is in the sword way, there is no life sword way, and the supreme experience and eyesight, how can he be afraid of the use of the secret method in front of him? Wen Qingye can do what others can't do. All of a sudden, Sanqingtai, countless eyes gathered on the body of Sheng Ao, they can feel the breath of Sheng Ao is constantly increasing. Zhou Yue looked at Wen Qingye in the sky, like a mountain, and thought, "I don't know if Qingye is a proud opponent. If you use a sword, Qingye is still very strong." Mo Qing looked at the warm night above the sky, from the beginning to the end of the warm night is a pair of light wind and light clouds, waving his hand on the burst of the offensive of pride, at the moment the breath of pride soared, he can do so? Tang Jin looked at the front, the heart do not know how some proud up, "Wen Qingye, probably to be defeated." Nie Shuang looked at the back of Wen Qingye, suddenly like a dream, returned to the secret land of Qianchuan, Wen Qingye that lonely high, such as the back of the vast mountains. He won! Nie Shuang unconsciously murmured softly. What Tang Jin has been staring ahead, did not care what Nie Shuang said. But in the next moment! "Wen Qingye, I am proud of my strength, but you don't!" Sheng Ao clasped his palms tightly, vigorous and vigorous, like a broad river and sea, surging Peng Bai, straight out, a low roar came from his throat, and a strange wave began to swing through his body. Chapter 446 Seven Peaks Elder. Hum! The light around him kept rotating, as if the earth was trembling violently. Sheng Ao stamped the soles of his feet, his body rushed to the sky, his palms closed, and the dark yuan cyclone turned around him, forming a cyclone. Black inflammation cracks heaven and earth! Sheng Ao looked at Wen Qingye, his eyes suddenly became cold, and his two arms began to stir up a flaming flame, and at this time the light pillars also rushed directly to Wen Qingye, as if blocking all the retreat of Wen Qingye. Boom! Then, he punched toward Wen Qingye rushed past,ceramic igniter electrodes, the black flame with the strength of the fist straight to Wen Qingye, the surrounding air was burned by the flames have become distorted up, shaking the people's line of sight.