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    January 16, 2023 9:19 PM PST

    So Ding Ce wrote a poem to express the feeling of sighing: "Yi Yin Cheng Tang De Ye You, Nanchao put Jie crown princes.". Who would have thought that when Sanjiu met Xin Feng, the unified Chinese and barbarians all belonged to Zhou. When Ding Ce finished his poem, he saw a man come in from outside the gate. It turned out to be his sworn brother Guo yuan. When they met, they saluted each other and sat down. Ding Ce asked: "I must have something important to do when I come." "Little brother," said Guo yuan, "I've come to consult my elder brother about something." "What's the matter?" Asked Ding Ce. "Please tell me." See that Guo yuan looked around and said: "Now Jiang Ziya, in command of three hundred towns in the west, has gathered outside the capital and besieged the capital.". The son of heaven out of the list. I came here specially to ask my elder brother to come out of the mountain to assist the king. Zhu Qie's elder brother has the talent of longitude and latitude, the skill of saving the world and the people, and knows how to attack and defend. Once they come out to work for the court, they can serve the king, glorify their ancestors and make themselves famous. "Yes, I will live up to your knowledge." Ding ce listened to say with smile: "Although there is some truth in my brother's words, it is no longer a matter of two days for Emperor Xin's political discipline to be corrupted, for Yin to have no way, for the people of the world to be separated from virtue, and for the princes to rebel.". This is like a big carbuncle that has festered, and life has come to an end. Even if a capable person comes out,Ceramic Bobbin, it may not be so good. How much insight do you and I have? How dare you use a cup of water to save a fire of firewood? Besides, Jiang Ziya was a moral man in the Kunlun Mountains. With the help of the disciples of the Three Mountains and Five Mountains, we lost our lives in vain. Isn't it a pity? Guo yuan shook his head and said: "That's not right, brother.". We are the subjects of Tishin. Living in the land of Dixin and eating the food of Dixin, who has not been favored by Dixin? The country exists, we exist, the country dies,ceramic bobbin element, I should also die together. This is a good time to serve the country, even if it is a pity to die? Why did you say such an unreasonable thing? Besides, we are all respectable men, with a cavity of blood, do not sprinkle here, what are we waiting for? When it comes to our brother's talent and knowledge, no matter what Kunlun people he is, we should naturally go to solve the problems of the emperor. Ding Ce can't make up his mind. "My good brother," he said to Guo yuan, "this is a matter of great importance. How can you act rashly?"? Let's discuss it again. When they were arguing, they suddenly heard the neigh of a horse outside the door, and then they saw a big man coming in from outside. It turned out that the man's surname was Dong Zhong, and he rushed in at this time. As soon as Ding Ce saw that it was Dong Zhong who had come, ceramic bobbin heater core ,10g Ozone Generator, he asked, "Why did my good brother come here in such a hurry?" That Dong Zhongdao: "The younger brother came specially to ask the elder brother to come out to assist Di Xin and beat back Zhou Bing.". Yesterday, my younger brother saw Zhaoxian Bangwen in Chaoge City. The younger brother took the liberty to report the names of the elder brother Guo and the younger brother to Fei Lian's mansion. Fei Lian has made a meeting report to Di Xin, and Di Xin has ordered to receive us in the morning. Now I have come to invite my brothers to appear in court tomorrow. The ancients said, 'If you learn to be a man of civil and martial arts, you will become a master of the imperial family.' What's more, when the king is in danger, how can we, as courtiers, sit idly by? When Ding Ce heard this, he sighed slightly and shook his head, saying, "My good brother didn't come to ask me, so he reported my name. This matter is of great importance. It's not a child's play. How can you be so hasty?" "I guess my elder brother will come out to serve the country," said Dong Zhong. "Where are the people waiting?" Guo yuan laughed happily and said, "What Dong Xiandi said is true. I'm here to persuade Brother Ding. I don't want you to sign up first." Ding Ce had no choice but to prepare a banquet to entertain them. The three of them drank all night and came to Chaoge City the next morning. Ding ce line of three people into the song city, to wait for the imperial edict outside the meridian gate. The officer of the Meridian Gate went to the main hall and said, "Now there are three wise men waiting outside the Meridian Gate." "Let the three of them go into the temple together," Di Xin ordered. The officer of the Meridian Gate went to the Meridian Gate to pass on the imperial edict. When the three of them heard the imperial edict, they went into the temple to make a big ceremony and submitted to Emperor Xin. Di Xin way: "Yesterday, Fei Lian recommended three talents. You three must have some good ways to beat back Zhou Bing, help me govern the world, and share my worries.". Naturally, I will enfeoff the three marquises and never go back on my word. ” Ding ce play way: I have heard that'war is a dangerous thing, and a wise king has no choice but to use it '. Now Zhou Bing here, jiangshanshe cherry like a pile of eggs as a crisis, although I wait for a few people since childhood familiar with military books, know the truth of the attack guard, we just do a piece of loyalty to serve your majesty, as to success or failure, is not a few of our courtiers can predict. Hope Taobao Women's Clothing Tmall Taobao Mall Taobao Women's Clothing Winter Jacket Taobao New Women's Summer Clothing Taobao Summer Clothing Taobao New Women's Summer Clothing Skirt Taobao new women's winter clothing Taobao new women's winter clothing down jacket Taobao women's clothing Tmall Mall Taobao Tmall Shopping ao. Com for women's autumn clothing Taobao Women's Winter Clothes New malsc. Com Taobao Women's Winter Clothes Your Majesty has issued a decree to the relevant authorities to ensure that what we need is supplied and that our plans are not hindered. I'll be lucky to wait. When Emperor Xin heard this, he was overjoyed and immediately named Ding Ce as the general of Shen Ce, and Guo yuan and Dong Zhong as the general of Mighty Wu. He gave them battle robes and jade belts. In the hall, the three of them put on the clothes of a senior official. Emperor Xin also gave them a banquet in the hall. Three will thank the emperor Xin's grace, the next morning to see Lu Renjie, Lu Renjie will take the three of them, and the former emperor Xin seal town hall general evil together, to mobilize troops out of the song city. Lu Renjie mobilized his charger out of the city and settled the camp. In the camp of the Zhou army, a detective had already entered the tent of the Central Army and reported, "Tell the marshal that Cheng Tang has sent a large army to set up a camp outside the city and ask the marshal to deal with it." Jiang Ziya gave the order: "Let our troops leave the camp to challenge the Chengtang camp." In the Chengtang camp, there was also a detective who went to the Zhongjun tent and reported, "a large group of people from the Zhou camp have come to challenge us." Lu Renjie listened to the report,cordierite c520, personally led the generals out of the yuanmen. As soon as I looked up, I saw Jiang Ziya riding on the four elephants, with disciples of the three mountains and five mountains lined up on both sides.