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An ancestral craft

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    January 16, 2023 9:19 PM PST

    The ground of the forest was mostly wet, and there were insects and ants on the ground. Xu Mu cleared a clean ground for Tang Ge, and then laid a raincoat that they had not used for the time being for him to sit down. Wei Zhihe jumped into the tree and looked at the bamboo forest and the sea of flowers mentioned by Gu Lin. His eyesight improved with the second dream, and he could be farther away. Back somehow, began to itch again, Wei Zhihe scratched, feel not satisfied, and hard to scratch two times, this is more comfortable, back to the hotel according to the back is how to return a responsibility, how to always itch recently. While Gu Lin was away, Wei Zhihe jumped down from the tree again and said, "When you came here to film, did you ever hear of any investigation group coming?" Holding a leaf with a strange shape, Xu Mu patted his head: "Investigation group?"? What you said reminds me that before we came to shoot, it seemed that a delegation had come, and the director knew about such a small town. After he sent someone to investigate on the spot, we came to shoot after a few years. If the time is pushed forward, then it may be the year when his parents died. How on earth did they disappear? Three living humans are standing here, beginning to attract the attention of some creatures. Wei Zhihe knocked down a snake hanging on a tree and drove away several monkeys throwing stones at them. All the stones fell back on them, and then no other creature dared to approach them again. There is the sound of running water ahead. It is estimated that there are quite a few animals living in this area. They must think that they are here to seize the territory, so they attack. Animals are animals after all,Ceramic Band Heater, and it is difficult to become a climate. However, after Wei Zhihe got rid of the snakes and monkeys, there were other animals, which was a bit strange, as if they were organized to test the three of them, but also hierarchical, the size of these animals is bigger and bigger, the number is more and more. For normal people,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, when they see so many animals coming to surround them, they must run. However, Wei Zhihe is who, why he wants to run, but their appearance let him taste some unknown meaning. Someone is manipulating these little guys and trying to drive them out of the forest. Gu Lin has not come back, Wei Zhihe is not worried that he can not protect Xu Mu and Tang Ge two people, is the number of these animals is more and more, two fists are difficult to defeat four hands, the tiger is also afraid of wolves. Wei Zhihe decisively sprinkled a circle of white powder around them, the smell of these small animals dare not approach, only dare to squat far away in the tree or retreat. Xu Mu and Tang Ge two people can not help, panic in the heart but still want to believe that Wei Zhihe can solve them, sure enough, they firmly believe that there is still a result, the effect of white powder outside the circle is remarkable. Wei Zhihe now certainly can not leave Xu Mu and Tang Ge two people to leave, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin heater, but also to protect them, he would like to now follow the escape of the animal route to track down the guy behind the ghost. Can't you resist it so soon? Mountain God. They also looked for this "mountain God" everywhere, but he jumped out first, which was more interesting. After the moderately terrible animals left, the animals that appeared in the fourth wave were obviously bigger. Wei Zhihe wondered if they should pretend to be dizzy first and wait for them to take them to the cave of the "mountain God". Xu Mu and Tang Ge found that the idea of Wei Zhihe in silence was a little hard to figure out. He should be trying to deal with these animals like cutting leeks. Wei Zhihe took out three sticks of incense from his backpack and lit them with a lighter, and the faint fragrance of sandalwood drifted everywhere. Xu Mu and Tang Ge also had no resistance to sandalwood fragrance, and they began to faint as the animals around them fell to the ground. Xu Mu relies on last willpower, ask Wei Zhihe: "You, what incense is this? I smell a bit dizzy." Tango has passed out. Wei Zhihe gave him a shallow smile and said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Hearing this, Xu Mu rolled his eyes and fainted. Wei Zhihe also pretended to faint and fell on Tang Ge's thigh. After a while, a clear smell came to their nostrils. A man with the dominant voice of Ma Lisu crouched beside them, shook his head and said, "One thousand enemies are wounded and eight hundred are lost. Young people really don't know the importance.". ” With that, he waved his sleeves and swept Wei Zhihe and Xu Mu into his long sleeves. As for Tang Ge, he picked them up. The three of them disappeared in place. The animals who fainted on the ground continued to play or look for food in the mountains. As for what they had just discovered, they did not know anything about it. Gu Lin, who was exploring the way ahead, returned to their resting place again, only to find a pile of white powder on the ground, smell the familiar smell of sandalwood, and a line of small characters on the ground left by Wei Zhihe. Just come after it. Seeing this, he immediately understood that Wei Zhihe had been taken away by the so-called "mountain God". Really impossible to guard against, did not expect the "mountain God" will personally go out, he should be sensing the demon in Tang Ge's body. He was at ease when Zhihe was doing things, and the next second he went after him. At this time, Wei Zhihe was thrown on a stone bed. Compared with Tang Ge, who did not know where to sleep, the treatment of him and Xu Mu was far worse. The demon could really sense the existence of the demon seed. Maybe when they were in Qilian Town at the foot of the mountain, he already knew. When I opened my eyes, I saw several beautiful stalactites dripping down. There was light in the cave, but it was relatively weak. There are many shade-loving plants, and the body of the demon living in the cave is probably one of them. After the demon threw them into the cave, I don't know where they went. Inside the cave, there is a faint fragrance of orchids, like a light perfume. A plant, crystal orchid, flashed through Wei Zhihe's brain. The whole body of the plant is glittering and translucent, clustered on the rotten leaves, known as the flower of the underworld. It can be seen that this demon still has some background. Wei Zhihe was not confused by himself, he woke up Xu Mu next to him, Tang Ge did not know where the flower demon had hidden. Crystal orchid is a kind of herbaceous saprophytic plant, do not know to become demon queen, can be what circumstance, ability geometry. When Wei Zhihe looked at the cave, which was a bit tasteful, Xu Mu woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes,alumina c799, he wanted to shout, but Wei Zhihe quickly covered his mouth. Wei Zhihe pulled Xu Mu up and said, "Let's go and find Tang Ge." 。