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    January 16, 2023 9:18 PM PST

    At this moment, Yan Ling evaded Bai Taiguan's three swords in succession, but Bai Taiguan advanced step by step, and his men did not relax. Bai Taiguan's swordsmanship was the best among the "Eight Heroes of Jiangnan", and it was also famous in the martial arts world. Yan Ling was forced to retreat again and again by his soft sword like a snake. Bai Taiguan took advantage of him and refused to forgive him. He said with a sneer, "You're nothing but a fool. You dare to meddle in the affairs of the Seventh Master Bai. You must be impatient to live. The Seventh Master Bai will help you." With a tight hand, the offensive became more and more fierce. Yan Ling could only move and dodge, retreating again and again. "If I had known you, Bai Taiguan, were such a man, I would have brought a weapon." "So what if you bring a blade? I don't know how many famous masters I have split under Bai Taiguan's sword." "Bai Taiguan." "Cut the crap. It's too late for you to say anything now." The offensive is even more fierce, the room is full of cold light, and the cold is pressing. Yan Ling was unarmed, and did not dare to take the sharp edge lightly. She retreated and retreated to the bed. There were four iron sticks on the bed. Yan Ling reached out and pulled out an iron stick as a sword. She shook her wrist and handed it out. When! With a sound of gold and iron, the sword collided with the iron stick, and Bai Taiguan's soft sword did not do much. The iron rod in Yan Ling's hand, however, was cut off nearly a foot. Yan Ling immediately understood that Bai Taiguan's soft sword was a magic weapon that blew hair and broke hair. Bai Taiguan laughed and said, "Even if I have a sword now, I'm afraid I can't save you." Along with the words, he came up again. Yan Ling became clever this time. The iron stick in his hand wouldn't let Bai Taiguan's soft sword touch him at all. He used the swordsmanship of the Yan family, only three times in a row. He immediately turned defense into attack and took the opportunity to force Bai Taiguan back three steps. Bai Taiguan was surprised and angry,metal trim manufacturers, a fierce attack, intending to take the initiative back, but the iron bar in Yan Ling's palm was like a snake, which not only made him elusive, especially like an iron wall, but it was difficult to pour water into it, which made Bai Taiguan more and more frightened. Suddenly, the iron bar in Yan Ling's hand attacked faster and more fiercely,tile profile factory, and faintly like a wall of air, forcing people to breathe. Fortunately, this is only an iron stick, if a sword, is not more powerful. Bai Taiguan was more than frightened. Later, he simply had no power to fight back. Suddenly, the iron stick in Yan Ling's hand was delivered as fast as lightning, and like a snake with a shining face, it flashed to Bai Taiguan's wrist with a sword. Bai Taiguan felt so painful that he couldn't stand it any longer. With a snort, the soft sword fell to the ground and he retreated with his wrists in his arms. Knowing that Yan Ling was like a shadow, she stepped up and followed him. With an iron bar in her palm, she held Bai Taiguan's throat. Bai Qixia, are you almost there? Bai Taiguan's face was red and white for a while. "Just kill him and give me a good time." Yan Ling shook her head slightly and said, "For the sake of your seven brothers and sisters, I won't kill you. I'm just doing this to let you know that there is a strong hand in a strong hand, tile trim factory ,aluminum tile edge trim, and a mountain is higher than a mountain. Now I want to kill you. It's easy. But I don't want to be hated by those who block it, and the enemy is quick." Bai Taiguan did not speak. "I want to warn you a few words," said Yan Ling. "Listen to me clearly. Within three days, you will go back to the south of the Yangtze River with Master Yin and Lu Siniang. If after three days, you still haven't left the'Yongjun Wangfu 'or haven't left home all the time, it won't be so cheap today.." "My friend," said Bai Taiguan. "Don't say any more," said Yan Ling. "Are you going or not? Answer me." Bai Taiguan hesitated for a long time before he nodded and said, "Well, I'll go. It's only for a while. I'm afraid.." Yan Ling said, "You can fool Miss Lu Si like that, but you have to know what to do in front of me. I'll give you three days. That should be enough." Bai Taiguan looked at Yan Ling and hesitated to speak. "What else do you have to say?" Asked Yan Ling. "No," said Bai Taiguan. Yan Ling took back the iron rod that was pressed against Bai Taiguan's throat and said, "That's all right. Since you're leaving, I'll show you something.." He took out the "Sun and Moon Flag" and displayed it. Bai Taiguan's complexion changed greatly, and he lost his voice and shouted, " 'The flag of the sun and the moon is'!". " "Yes," said Yan Ling, "it's rare for you to recognize this'flag of the sun and the moon. 'I don't want to use this'flag of the sun and the moon' against you. I'm just letting you know my identity. If you dare to play tricks with me, even if you hide there, I can take your life. That's all. Take out the antidote and give it to me." He collected the "Sun and Moon Flag" and extended his hand to Bai Taiguan. Still in shock, Bai Taiguan said, "Do you want the antidote?" "Not bad." "All the Manchus deserve to die," said Yan Ling. "But now is not the time for Yin Si (Shi Nai) to die. It's useless to say that one Yin Si (Shi Nai) died." "This.." said Bai Taiguan. "Why are you still hesitating about the order of the flag of the sun and the moon?" "I dare not," said Bai Taiguan. He immediately reached into his arms, took out a small white porcelain bottle and handed it over with both hands. Yan Ling took it and said, "Don't forget, Bai Qixia, I'll only give you three days." Bai Taiguan quickly leaned over and said, "Bai Taiguan dare not forget." "The White Seven had better not forget," said Yan Ling. He dodged to the door, pulled it open and rushed out. Bai Taiguan stared at the door in a daze, and his fright gradually subsided. In his eyes, there were two sinister rays of light. Mouth. Mouth Daybreak, the dawn through the window lattice. Bai Taiguan got out of bed, opened the door and went out. Day just daybreak, "Yongjun Wang Fu" in the movement is still very little, only the coating, the people get up early activities. Bai Taiguan turned east and west along the corridor, and finally stopped at the door of a room, where two guards of "Yongjun Wangfu" stood. As soon as Bai Taiguan arrived, he said, "I want to see Master Nian." "Master Nian hasn't got up yet," said one of the guards. "I have an urgent matter," said Bai Taiguan. "Please go in and alarm me." The guard hesitated a little: "This …" Nian Gengyao's voice came from far away in the room: "Who is it?" "" Master Hui Nian, "answered the guard," it's Master Bai Qi who wants to see you. Nian Gengyao, "Oh!" With a cry, he said in the room,stainless steel tile trim, "I'm up. Please come in, Bai Qixia." The guard answered respectfully, pushed the door open and bowed. Bai Taiguan did not make a sound and stepped in.