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My powers and magic.

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    January 16, 2023 9:18 PM PST

    You Yitian exhaled. Unexpectedly, such a battle would be so tiring. Linger looked at you one day so tired, she was very moved: "Thank you, brother Tian!"! It was you who made me feel a new world. 。” "Thank you for what?" You Yitian smiled and said, "Now is the first step to cure your illness.". There are still very difficult things for you to face, and you must grit your teeth and hold on! Linger nodded. "Linger is not afraid. What Brother Tian teaches must be the best.". Linger must be able to learn. "Are you tired of the battle in the field just now?" You asked with concern one day. Well, a little. In fact, Linger is almost tired to death. The body seemed to be hollowed out, and there was no strength. I know you have no power. "But never mind, this is just what I need!" You said one day. Linger looked doubtfully at You Yitian, whose big bright eyes seemed to be asking, "Why?" "Now, I'm going to restore your strength!" "Regain your strength?" Linger didn't understand even more. How to recover? "I'm going to get rid of the ban of that quack in your meridians. Once I get rid of it, your strength will be restored." "Do you need a needle?" Linger is afraid: "I am afraid of pain!" " "No needles." "Really?" "Yes!" You Yitian tried to smile, "and it doesn't hurt at all!" "That's good!" You Yitian's consciousness entered Linger's body. The first is to lift the ban on both hands. There are 10 prohibitions on both hands,stainless steel tile edging, which are located in four palms, four elbows and two wrists. There is a powerful energy hidden everywhere. It is not difficult to get through the blocked meridians for the present day. You Yitian's power was so powerful that it didn't take long for Linger's first ban to be defused by You Yitian. Linger suddenly felt his whole body swollen and uncomfortable: "Brother Tian, my strength is back.". So powerful! It's so uncomfortable !” Don't be afraid! With me by your side. "You Yitian encouraged Linger:" I have long anticipated your phenomenon. Now, you open your field again, and then we will fight again! " Because of a lot of power,tile trim manufacturers, Linger launched the field much faster this time. You Yitian's field is also open. Soon, the realms collide again, fight! After a battle in the field just now. Linger is obviously familiar with the use of the field, and this time, she will take the initiative to attack. The field with great power immediately pressed on the side of You Yitian. You Yitian was taken aback. Hurry up and strengthen your strength. Brain waves begin to rise. This time, Youyidai's brain waves were boosted to a 33000 intensity of hertz. Up to this intensity, it has been able to steadily block Linger's field offensive. No matter how much she attacks, she can't do anything in the field of Youyitian. Time passed by minute by minute. After 10 minutes, the powerful power in Linger's body was finally exhausted. You are tired half to death in a day. Just ten minutes, so tired, especially one day really did not think of! You Yitian is also worried now. Can you hold on until Linger releases all her power. Depends on the situation, aluminum tile trim ,china tile trim, it is unlikely. However, Linger's powers cannot be delayed. Either untie all the prohibitions of Linger, or don't untie them. Unlocking part of the ban like this will cause an imbalance in the powers in Linger's body, and it won't be long before Linger dies. Therefore, You Yitian must polish the power of Linger in one breath! "Well, now I'm going to break the next ban." "Are you tired?"? Would you like to have a rest? When Linger saw Youyitian sweating profusely, she couldn't help wiping it for Youyitian. You suddenly felt energetic again one day. Unlock all the restrictions quickly, otherwise, once the power in your body is out of control, you will die immediately. "All right," said Linger, nodding. With the passage of time, You Yitian finally lifted all the prohibitions of Linger. Almost all the negative powers in Linger's body have been released. Now there is only the prohibition of Baihui acupoint on your head. The powers here are the most powerful and the most powerful. Be careful later. "It's you who should be careful." Linger looked at You Yitian with heartache. He was now sweating and his spirit was very withered, apparently because he had used too much mental power. In fact, Youyitian is now on the verge of collapse. Although the original power of You Yitian is very powerful. But all of a sudden to face Linger more than ten years of accumulated powers, after all, still can not stand. Moreover, to slowly consume the power of Linger, we can not act too hastily, otherwise, not only can not save people, but also kill people. Hello! Don't you want to die? ? You are reaching your limit! "The spirit of the world has to speak out at this time." All that's left is the last hurdle. You can cure her right away! "You are so tired that you don't want to talk.". But in the face of the spirit of the world, you still have to say one day. You fool, you can't pass the last hurdle. You don't have any powers now. If you use the field to fight again, you will kill yourself! You Yitian smiled: "As a person, only by constantly challenging the limits, can life be fun, isn't it?" "You are the stupidest of mankind!" "Maybe." I don't care about you. I'm going to bed. Die if you want to! After that, the spirit of the world really doesn't care about you for a day. Because the spirit of the world understand, especially one day sometimes very capricious, really very capricious! No one could dissuade him from his willfulness. ! Don't give him a hard time. You won't understand this for a day. Linger, do you think I'm stupid? You Yitian wanted to unlock Linger's last ban. Why do you ask? Linger was stunned. Someone said I was stupid. "How could it be?" Linger showed a sweet smile, "In my heart, you will always be the smartest person!"! Otherwise You couldn't have thought of such a way to save me. It's just that this method is too hard. You see,stainless steel edge trim, you are so tired that you are sweating. With these words, Linger was going to wipe her sweat for another day. All right, let's get started! The Last Battle of the Realm ! It is also a decisive battle in the field. !”。