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Extreme Madman of Online Games 2

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    January 16, 2023 9:18 PM PST

    Small steamed bread flexible to the side of the dodge, dodge Shura, look inexplicable look very surprised. Seeing the detonator in the hands of the small steamed bread, Isaac suddenly laughed wildly, "Ha ha ha.." Chi Lian, Chi Lian, I feel sorry for you. Just now you gave me a play of Infernal Affairs, and now it's my turn. Tian Mingxin, come to me. "Yes." "Small steamed bread respectfully answered, alert around the magic feather, quickly walked to Isaac's side to stop." Steamed bread, what the *** are you doing? Come back quickly. Shura did not react to come over, shouted at the small steamed bread, see him motionless, just about to drag the injured leg to walk over, Liu Lang pulled him, "Shura, don't be impulsive, can't you see it?"? Little Steamed Bun is Isaac's secret agent. "Huh?" Shura Leng Leng, looking at the small steamed bread eyes gradually cold, "small steamed bread, you are still human?"? Everyone is so good to you, but you. Good, from today on, we will not miss a brother like you! Bah! Spitting viciously, the violent Shura was about to explode. Little steamed bread was said by Shura with shame on his face,aluminium edge trim, and he lowered his head and said nothing. "Chi Lian, now that you have told the origin of Huan Yu, I can also tell you the origin of Tian Mingxin frankly.". Oh, you call him Little Steamed Bun. Hum, it's a funny name. In fact, he is not a real small steamed bun, just plastic surgery into the appearance of a small steamed bun. He's one of my men. The real buns are already dead. He died before he entered the imperial flag. Count in count? "Well, I'll give you another trick." Another tortuous story, everyone is almost confused by both sides, for a while this is the undercover over there,stainless steel tile edge trim, for a while that is the undercover over here, maybe something unpredictable will happen later, while everyone is confused, there is a heartfelt fear of the deep ingenuity of Chi Lian and Isaac.. "Well, I finally solved the mystery in my mind." Liu Lang unexpectedly did not show any frustration and anger, just laughed and said, look at the small steamed bread, "small steamed bread, in fact, I have long suspected you, in Dongsang, Andy put you four people back for no reason, in fact, is to cover up, he was afraid to put you back alone to arouse my suspicion, simply put them all.". Then, the bug in the hotel showed that one of the four of you was a traitor. Later, Isaac knew every action of mine like the back of his hand. It was all your credit. Do you really think I believe that Eve accidentally exposed it? By the time you and Shura rushed to come with me, stainless tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, the scope of the traitor had narrowed down to you two. Why did I give you the detonator? Is to separate the loyal from the treacherous between you two! Shura, I'm sorry. Forgive me for doubting you. "It's all right. Loyalty is loyalty. How can I doubt that I am loyal?" Shura smiled foolishly and didn't take it seriously. All right, the cancer is gone. It's time for the curtain call. Liu Lang took out the wrapping paper that had previously wrapped the detonator from his pocket and gently tore it open, revealing a palm-sized circular panel inside. On the panel were rows of small buttons. "This is the detonator of N2, and the buttons on my clothes are two of the twenty bombs.". Isaac, this is the real trick! The third volume perishes together Chapter 24 people who don't want to go. Looking around the stupefied enemy, Liu Lang's face filled with mournful pain, "Isaac, do you remember the exhibition of Hawkeye?"? These bombs are the relics she left me. When I found that these N2 were preserved intact, I began to plan today's game, and finally used the last dark move of Huan Yu. Raising his head slowly, he said in his heart, "Hawkeye, your spirit will not disperse. Wait and see how I can avenge you.". Surrounded by a semicircle to monitor Liu Lang, a member of the West Qingtian saw everyone looking at Liu Lang, and Liu Lang looked up at the sky, a move in the heart, quietly picked up the drooping submachine gun, just about to pull the trigger, a silver thread broke through the air, with a sharp whistle into his throat! Huan Yu's voice also sounded: "I will not hesitate to kill anyone who is not good for Chi Lian.". I hope you will cherish your lives. ” Hearing the sound, Liu Lang looked back and said coldly, "Listen, everyone. Throw all the weapons on your body to the ground immediately. I count three times. If I find out who still has weapons after three times, I will press the button." "One, two, three.." As the third number was announced, the sound of crackling rose and fell in the auditorium. It seemed that no one really had the courage to perish together. Heard the sound, and then look carefully, did not find the enemy in the hands of weapons, Liu Lang rest assured of Huan Yu said: "Huan Yu, you take Shura and Eve, Xiaoxuan off the island.". Wait on board and let Shura give me a message. "Good." Huan Yu answered and went over to help the wounded Shura and beckoned Eve and Ji Yuxuan to go with him. Shura struggled and said, "Chief Flag Leader, you and Brother Huan Yu can go. Leave this to me." "Cut the crap and do as you're told." As soon as his eyes stood up, Shura stared so hard that he dared not speak. Liu Lang looked at Eve again: "Eve, take Lemisha and them to go. Thank you for taking care of Xiaoxuan all the time." "And you?" Eve asked in a low voice, not daring to say what she thought. I'll wait for you to leave. Liu Lang answered casually and said gently to Ji Yuxuan, "Wife, you go with them first, and I'll follow you in a moment." "No, I'm going with you." Ji Yuxuan shook his head with a smile and took Liu Lang's arm, which was not holding the detonator, with an unusually firm expression. No, you must go with them. Liu Lang is a little anxious. Husband, after so many things, do you think I will leave you? Live, we walk together. Die, we die together. You're not getting rid of me. "This.." Fine Liu Lang nodded helplessly, inadvertently showing a trace of sadness in his eyes. Eve sensitively captured the sadness in Liu Lang's eyes, more sure of his guess, on the surface, she went with the magic feather, but secretly made a decision in her heart. Watching the three men leave, Liu Lang turned to Isaac and suddenly found the priest next to him. He frowned: "Priest, you take your men and go quickly. You'd better catch up with the three men in front of you." Priest Leng Leng, subconsciously look at Isaac,stainless steel edging strip, see him nod, ecstatic to Liu Lang said: "May God bless you, Amen." He hurried out to greet his entourage.