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Emperor Group ④: Challenge the Chief Playboy

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    January 16, 2023 9:17 PM PST

    "Oh, this is good, know, that's even better." I said that what what young lady, since you and our late second young master know, need not introduce again, quickly, sit over and sit over. Bai Xiyang was pushed to the side of Chi Yu. What are you doing Chi Yu frowned and looked Bai Xiyang up and down, but still couldn't believe it. No one has my back. Didn't I just wear a student outfit today? Why do you treat me as an escort? Did I write on my face or did I scream? Bai Xiyang is indignant. Chi Yu leaned close to her. What are you doing Bai Xiyang suddenly stepped back, and although the light in the box was dim, he could still see the handsome face in front of him. Chi Yu looked at her for a long time before he finally said slowly, "You.." Came here in the middle of the night, and.. And made up? She didn't wear glasses, her big eyes were clear, and he didn't recognize her at first. Bai Xiyang is a little embarrassed, she is not used to makeup, that is not the need for work. Of course, of course, not to accompany the wine work, this is not because the last time to the small white that medicine does not work well? So she developed a new one. Didn't she come to do the experiment today? With Xiaobai's warning, the elder sister,warehouse pallet racks, the second sister and the third sister all refused to do the experiment any more, so she had to go on stage in person. At the thought of this, she was busy laughing. "Ok, it's better to hit the sun than to change the day. It's better to hit the person than to change the person." She took the dice on the table and smiled at the person in front of her: "General Manager Chi, do you think I'm still beautiful with makeup?" Chi Yu's heart is beating a drum, see her smile, the face is almost pumping. But he was depressed, if the little woman of the blue lion knew,drive in racking system, I don't know if he would be skinned. Come on, I'll take you back. How can this work?! Bai Xiyang immediately lowered his face and said, "Oh, don't, don't. I spent hundreds of yuan on this makeup. At least let me get the capital before I go.." "What capital?" "I won't talk to you." Bai Xiyang then turned to the other side, looking at the other end of Ning Weicheng, wow, are handsome ah. Chapter 250 "I won't talk to you." Bai Xiyang then turned to the other side and looked at Ning Weicheng at the other end. Wow, they are all handsome men. Oh, handsome boy, let's play dice and drink if we lose. She reached for the bottle on the side and patted it between them. Ning Weicheng has not yet opened his mouth to speak, and the beautiful woman beside him is unrelenting: "I will play with you!" Bai Xiyang was stunned, she originally wanted to find a man to do the experiment, after all, this kind of thing is used in men with a higher probability, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, but. Since you come to the door, then don't blame her, OK, play! "Well, if you lose, drink!" Bai Xiyang smiled. Punch again. "No problem!" Bai Xiyang walked to the beautiful woman's side, and the two of them suddenly entered the situation. Ning Weicheng sat on the edge of Chi Yu and looked at the two people who were playing hard. He took one side of the wine glass and touched Chi Yu: "Do you know her?" "Well.." Chi Yu looked back lightly and looked at Bai Xiyang over there. The latter was having a good time with the beautiful woman beside Ning Weicheng. He lost a hand and was very forthright. He picked up the glass and went down in a mouthful. As soon as Chi Yu saw her drinking, the corners of her mouth twitched. She wouldn't be drunk, would she? When I just remembered to persuade her not to play, I saw her hand on one side quickly put medicine into the cup without any trace. What does she want? What is this medicine? He casually picked a grape and threw it in the past. Bai Xiyang felt a pain on the back of his hand. He was startled. He quickly stopped and looked in the direction of the thing flying over. Chi Yu was squinting slightly. She made a face at him. Anyway, the thing had been put down. Well, I don't care about you. She continued to play indifferently with the woman in front of her. "Chi Yu wanted to stop it, but the beautiful woman sitting opposite her took the glass of wine and drank it all at once." Oh yes, Su Jing came back today. It should be here. Ning Weicheng leaned back in the sofa and said as if unintentionally, but his words effectively stopped all the movements of the people around him, and even his whole body began to stiffen. Chi Yu looked at Ning Weicheng, but the latter was just drinking wine, and his brain suddenly exploded like a pot. So, that person, is she. It's really her, he's not wrong. She came back.. Is it Sumerlan Sacrifice? It must have been a month. It's been a month since she left. It's so fast. And he has not seen her for a month, every day to work to paralyze themselves, every day full of time, in addition to work is sleep, or they eat, drink and play with the East, has been tired to fall asleep on the bed before giving up. Day by day, I don't know how long it has been. I just do everything mechanically and don't think of her anymore. That's good. However, when he saw her figure, he still fled in panic, and when he heard her name, his heart would still miss a beat. He knew that it was only a matter of time, just a matter of time, no big deal, but at the moment, the pain in his heart could not be ignored. His hands trembled, not knowing whether to reach for a glass of wine, or to reach for a bottle, or to stand up and leave. All of a sudden he seemed to be in a mess and had no idea at all. Then he thought that he should send Bai Xiyang back, and when he stood up, he just saw the beautiful woman beside Ning Weicheng fall down. Jeez, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Oh, come on, are you drunk after drinking so little? Not as good as me. Bai Xiyang exaggerated exclamation, see one side of Ning Weicheng just looking at her and did not intend to help people, she was busy shouting, "Hey handsome boy, your female companion fell down,asrs warehouse, you do not hurry to help her to rest.." She smiled innocently and blinked her big eyes at Ning Weicheng. Ning Weicheng just smiled faintly, did not move his hand, and slowly sipped the wine at hand. How soon will she wake up? Chi Yu stood there and asked. Ah? Wake up? I How do I know. Bai Xiyang took the wine in front of him and drank it. He frowned. It tasted terrible.