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  • January 11, 2023 7:19 PM PST

    One hundred and fifty thousand gold coins? Yang Haoxuan was taken aback. Although he knew that the sale would cost at least tens of millions of yuan, the result was hundreds of millions. But money is better than no money. He took the chip and went to Lin Yuer and said, "In that case, I'll go with my girlfriend to see the auction." "Xiao Zai, take them to the VIP table." Princess Xiang Xiang said disapprovingly. After a while, at the top of a staircase, Yang Haoxuan and Lin Yuer followed Xiao to the top. Lin Yuer immediately couldn't help asking: "Brother Haoxuan, how do you know Princess Xiangxiang? The relationship between you two seems.." "Don't think about it. She did it on purpose to make me jealous." How could Yang Haoxuan not see the purpose of Princess Xiangxiang just now? Alas, it was just a joke at the beginning, a woman. Then why did she say she was reciting poems? Lin Yuer was unwilling to give up, but did not dare to ask too much. Well, the thing is, when I came to Daqin, I went out to play, passed the Scholar Lake, and then.. Yang Haoxuan had no choice but to say all the things, anyway, there is nothing. So that's it. Lin Yuer immediately felt relieved, but when he thought of something, he blushed and said angrily, "Brother Haoxuan, you are really bad. What kind of thing is that? It's simply a curse." Yang Haoxuan did not answer, because in front of the small has stopped, standing in front of a private room, make a gesture of please. The private room is not big, but it is extremely luxurious. There is a window facing down, which seems to be a bid. When you walk in,plastic pallet manufacturer, you can see fruits and other luxury goods. It's all designed here, and the sound below can be heard clearly, and the same is true of the gentleman's bid. Xiao Zai said. Uh Yang Haoxuan looked at the following with satisfaction, really felt like wearing a telescope, and then ordered: "You help to purchase some medicinal materials." With these words, he spoke out the medicinal materials of Xuanhuang Dan. Xiao Zai answered and stepped down. Didn't you ask my father to help you collect medicinal materials? Why do you order others? Lin Yuer asked strangely. I am good for you, I give the Xuan iron, can buy a lot of medicinal materials, when the time comes there will be a lot left, I can directly give the Xuan iron to your father,secondary containment pallet, will be the dowry. Yang Haoxuan said with a smile. Who married you? Lin Yuer immediately turned around shyly. Ha-ha Yang Haoxuan stopped talking, laughed a few times, sat by the window to watch, just as the auctioneer was placing a new thing, and then introduced: "Friends of Daqin, friends of the mainland, the next thing to shoot.". But is the ancient emperor's magic weapon ready? The power of the four words of the ancient emperor, like a bomb, broke the pot below. The auctioneer was also very satisfied with this effect, and then said: "Legend has it that this is a magic weapon of the thunder mother emperor. As we all know, the killing power of thunder and lightning is very great, so this magic weapon is naturally extraordinary. This magic weapon is the thunder mother amulet." As soon as his words fell, the thunder mother amulet was revealed. The amulet floated out of thin air, purple and blue, with thunder and lightning on it. It was not an ordinary product at a glance. Yang Haoxuan hurriedly checked, because he was equally curious, however, this magic amulet may be powerful in ancient times, but now it can only draw power from it, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet crates, send out thunder and lightning attacks, it seems that there are thousands of times to display thunder and lightning, this magic amulet, will turn into powder, so he is not interested, but suddenly remembered Lin Yuer, it is ready to shoot. Starting price, 30 million gold coins, starting now! The auctioneer gave a sudden cry of great wealth. The ancient emperor's things are very attractive, but the price of 30 million, or let most people retreat, but some people immediately bid: "31000000!" " " 33000000 !" " 34000000 !" “……” “……” …… "Forty million." In a twinkling of an eye, the price over 10 million, Yang Haoxuan has not bid, in the side to watch and learn the mentality of other people's auction. These things may often be used in the future, so naturally they can't be left alone. PS is updated to, saying that it is on the new book list again, which is not painful or itchy. Chapter 85 Wolf cubs " 45000000 !" See the voice of the bid below began to change fragmentary, Yang Haoxuan to participate in, the first bid let his heart is still so little excited, but in the following, but also did not cause any movement, at most is to see the voice from the VIP seats came out, curious to watch a few eyes, at the same time, many people also know that the bid to the last moment, have looked at who is involved, I'm going to analyze three powerful bidders. The first one was an old man sitting in the front row, with eagle eyes and tiger body, holding two beautiful jade balls in his hands, with a calm look. The old man, called Dong Biao, known as Dong Ye, was a powerful old general and minister of the Great Qin Empire. Although he had retired at home, he was more powerful than before. There is one, far less than Dong Biao, is a fat man, or the kind of particularly fat, can not find the appearance of the adjective on his face, only the ball is the most appropriate, but he is not simple, is the finance minister of Daqin, Qin Dafu. The last one was actually a young man, sitting in the most conspicuous place in the front row, sitting in a lazy posture, but with a free and easy look, beautiful clothes and brocade robes, empty and bright forehead, evil Danfeng eyes revealing a woman's infatuation, an eagle nose but a bit of majesty, lips bent and smiling, a cynical look, his hair was very long, but did not block his forehead. A man who gives people great sunshine is also a handsome man. This teenager, the background is not simple, unexpectedly is Qin Zixuan, one of the princes of Daqin. These three people belong to the most powerful ones who bid this time, and of course, there is the mysterious Yang Haoxuan at the top, but many people are not very sure. Brother Haoxuan,collapsible pallet box, why did you buy the thunder mother amulet? Lin Yuer in the face of such a high price, but also some can not accept, inevitably not for Yang Haoxuan heartache.