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Cute little sweet princess

  • January 11, 2023 7:19 PM PST

    Bei Chenyue: "… …" Unexpectedly, one day he was reduced to eating roast snake meat in the wilderness. In the dark woods, the three brothers, Black Hawk, Black Wolf and Black Dragon, watched helplessly as Mu Jiujiu squatted on the edge of the stream to roast snake meat. The smell of barbecue lingered in their noses. The three of them could not help swallowing their saliva. The Black Hawk stretched out his hand to touch his stomach and said pitifully to the Black Wolf, "Second Brother, I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten anything all morning." The black wolf sighed a long sigh and said, "Don't say it, bear it." The Black Dragon smacked his lips and said, "It's the pit of ten thousand snakes in front of us. Even if the ten masters of the Palace of Hell came, they all walked around the pit. I didn't expect that our new master of the Palace not only didn't walk around the pit, but also fished out a few snakes from the pit and roasted them on a string.." His voice paused, inexplicably infected with a trace of sadness: "I feel that the new Lord will not let us go easily …" Do you think she'll cut us up, cut us up, string us up with branches, roast us on the fire and eat us? As soon as his voice fell,plastic pallet suppliers, the Black Hawk and the Black Wolf looked at him in horror. After the Black Dragon hesitated for a moment, he seemed to affirm what he had just said: "Well.." I think it's possible. "Shut up!" The Black Hawk and the Black Wolf covered his mouth and shouted in his ear. When Mu Jiujiu and his party finished eating the roast snake meat and put out the small fire on the ground with water, they continued to walk towards the top of the mountain. However, what they did not expect was that they had only walked a few steps when they met the ten masters coming down from the mountain. Why can Mu Jiujiu recognize at a glance that they are the top ten masters? Because their clothes are embroidered with the huge word "Master". Chapter 278 the top ten masters. Speaking of it, the ten masters were having a meeting in the hall of the Yama Hall. As the meeting was open, the alarm device in the Yama Hall began to ring. After taking a look at the alarm device,ibc spill pallet, the first master came back and waved his hand to the other masters and said, "It doesn't matter. It's estimated that some brainless children who don't have long eyes have come to our Yama Mountain. The riddle array at the foot of the mountain has been opened. Let them see the power of the riddle array." After the door owner finished, the other door owners also nodded, did not take the alarm seriously, and continued the meeting. However, after they had held the meeting for a while, the alarm went off again. This time it was the Master of the Second Gate who went to see it. When he came back, he smacked his lips and said to the other masters, "Those brainless children seem to have passed the riddle array and triggered the mechanism of the Ten Thousand Arrows Rainforest.." "It's all right, it's all right. That ten thousand arrows rainforest is not something that ordinary people can live in." Several other door owners waved their hands and said casually, "Let's continue the meeting." However, as they opened the door, plastic pallet price ,collapsible pallet bin, the alarm kept ringing, and the people at the foot of the mountain had passed the swamp trap, the flint circle, the venom forest and the hunting sword net, and were about to reach the snake pit halfway up the mountain. How many people have come to the foot of the mountain? How can they go through so many traps in the Palace of Hell one after another? Frowning, the third master stood up and said to the other masters, "Let's continue the meeting here first. I'll go down the mountain and have a look first." As soon as he said this, another alarm sounded. What is this!? The four masters hurriedly ran to have a look. When they came back, they said to the other masters with a dignified face, "Our ten thousand snake pit has also been broken. Not only that, there are dozens of snakes missing in the ten thousand snake pit.." "What man!"! How dare you be so arrogant on Yama Mountain!! As soon as the master of the fifth gate pounded the table, he stood up and turned to the master of the third gate. "I'll go down the hill with you and have a look," he said. The third master nodded his head. As soon as he stepped out of the hall of the Hall of Hell, he hurriedly turned back and said to the other masters, "No, no!"! There's a fire in the snake pit halfway up the mountain! "What!?" Several other door owners were startled and hurried to the outside of the hall to take a look. Sure enough, there was a black smoke rising from the snake pit in the middle of the mountain. It looked like someone was burning there! "Too arrogant!" The masters looked at the rising black smoke with a face filled with righteous indignation. Without saying a word, they walked down the hill together and said, "Go!"! Go and see who is running wild on the mountain of the Palace of Hell! "Good!" After all the masters answered, they walked down the hill in a mighty way. As a result, Mu Jiujiu had just finished eating the roast snake meat, and after a few steps, they met the ten masters who came down from the mountain with ferocious faces. After seeing Mu Jiujiu, Beichen Yue, Gale, and Moying, the Ten Masters were slightly stunned. "Who are you?" They asked, frowning? How dare you be presumptuous on our Yama Mountain!? "We.." As soon as Mu Jiujiu was about to open his mouth and say that he had come to teach them a lesson, he was grabbed by Beichen Yue. Beichen frowned and shook his head gently at her. Chapter 279 kill your wife. Black Hawk has said before that the top ten door owners are definitely beyond the top ten in the overall list of killers. And they have not yet played against the top ten killers in the overall list of killers, so they are not very clear about the martial arts highlands of the top ten masters. What's more, there are only four people on their side, and there are ten people on the other side. Although as far as the current situation is concerned, Mu Jiujiu's martial arts are very high, and he can kill more than forty men in black with a gourd ladle, but those men in black are just some dead men raised by high-ranking people in their own house. To put it bluntly, the martial arts of those dead soldiers are actually not very high. Even the wind and the ink shadow can defeat ten with one, and it is not too exaggerated that Mu Jiujiu can defeat forty with one. Anyway, the enemy does not move,plastic pallet containers, I do not move, before we do not know the real strength of the other side, it is better not to conflict casually.