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The Eight-dimensional Alice of Korean Entertainment

  • January 11, 2023 6:33 PM PST

    Yeah, I know. They're all very handsome. By. Fan Zai 。】 Lin Cha saw such a text message, laughed out loud, no longer reply to OL sister, let you anxious so ten minutes (^) "Well.." Lin Chaxi is really a good-looking type. Sun Dongyun discussed with Zhang Xiansheng and others on the other side. "In other words, Zexian is her number one fan." Piao Zexian is a relative of Sun Dongyun, er, but everyone who is familiar with Piao Zexian knows that this person is Lin Cha regardless of whether he is an ideal type or a goddess. Liang Yaoxie and Li Qiguang all looked at Lin Cha, but they didn't express any opinions. After all, Lin Cha belongs to the second beauty, which is a fact recognized by the whole of Korea. Zhang Xiansheng looked down at his cell phone without saying a word. Long Junheng just listened to the music to find the feeling and wanted to perform better in the MV. Shooting the next one, Lin Cha and Long Junheng came to the camera, two people sitting at the table, she mischievously pointed to a dish, coquetry, "I want to eat that!" Long Junheng smiled, then picked it up with chopsticks and sent it to her mouth. Lin Cha pretended to like it very much and let the camera catch it, but when he turned his face, he silently complained, "It tastes terrible. Put mustard for Mao!" Long Junheng still has no expression, it seems that he did not hear the same, but silently blacklisted the small dish just now, and absolutely do not eat it later. The plot of this MV is only half, and the other half is the dance of six people. So Lin Cha only needs to shoot for two days. She, Long Junheng and Liang Yaoxie are the main characters in these two days. Change the scene, in the bathroom, Lin Cha sat on the table,carnosic acid price, two legs shaking, Long Junheng wearing a white vest and casual pants, he hugged her waist, Lin Cha mischievously put a mask on his face, he looked at her intently. It was time for the intermission again, and the directors and their respective agents all said that they would let the two protagonists prepare for a slightly heavy scene. Lin Cha looked at his cell phone, and nearly half an hour passed. She mischievously put her hands behind her back, holding her cell phone in her hand, as if she were happy to beat time. I really want to know what Erfan's expression is now. Everyone in love is like this. They want to tease each other to see how jealous he is. On the other side, Wu Yifan took out his cell phone from time to time when he was eating. Several times, he thought his cell phone was vibrating, but when he took it out, there was nothing. I picked up a few mouthfuls of rice. Turn on your phone and search for news about Beast, uh.. I have to say, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,naringenin price, he is really handsome. Generally, most of the MVs shot by female artists are emotional scenes. Wu Yifan immediately felt that the food was hard to swallow. [Is quite handsome. By. Tea girl 。】 Finally, the phone vibrated, he clicked on it, then put down his chopsticks and prepared to return something, and another short message came in. [But in my heart, only Erfan is the most handsome ~ biubiubiubiu ~ Mua ~ By. Tea girl 。】 Wu Yifan stared at his mobile phone and laughed out loud, looked up at his surroundings, and then took a very childish selfie and sent it over. As soon as the mobile phone showed that it was sent successfully, he regretted it. I can't wait to intercept it. What kind of craziness did you just smoke! Is peach on the upper body or Canlie on the upper body! Lin Cha didn't see it because she had to continue shooting. Unlike the warm atmosphere deliberately created just now, she and Long Junheng sat at the table in relative silence, without any eye or verbal communication. Silently eat bread and drink milk. Until the cell phone on the table rang. Long Junheng grabbed her cell phone and was about to click on it. Lin Cha went up to grab it. They wrestled. Long Junheng swept away the cups and dishes on the table. Lin Cha threw the vase to the ground with an expressionless face. Suddenly, the living room was in a mess. Long Junheng grabbed her, stared at her fiercely, then raised his hand to borrow a position to hit, and then Lin Cha turned his head as if he had been hit. Card! The director got up excitedly and waved the document in his hand. The spittle flew straight. Lin Cha moved behind Long Junheng without any trace. He let him face the saliva alone. He glanced down at Lin Cha and still had no expression. "Long Junheng, you are on the edge of anger. You forget that she is your woman. It's like fighting against the enemy. Do you understand?" Long Junheng nodded respectfully. "And Lin Cha!" The director turned around and said more excitedly than before, "He hit you!"! You have to stare at him angrily, he is your man, hit you, but also reveal sadness. Lin Cha is speechless. It's not a real fight. If she really fights, she doesn't have to act at all. She can interpret what anger is very well! The director took a few deep breaths and said, "Let's really fight." Countless shooting experiences told him that only when he really started, could he get better results. Although these two may have some opinions. Sure enough, the next second Lin Cha increased the decibel and said in surprise, "Do you really want to slap me?!" Glancing at Long Junheng's figure, Nima, this is the rhythm of being maimed! She just came to play soy sauce for nothing! Long Junheng's lips moved and he wanted to say something, but he was silent. The director nodded. Lin Cha took a deep breath and kept reciting the actor's quality, morality and duties in her heart. A minute later, she bowed and said, "Just follow what the director said, really fight." As an actor, I haven't tried these scenes, and I will try them next time. It has to be said that Lin Cha is slowly becoming more and more like a professional actor. The equipment was right, the director made a gesture and started shooting. Long Junheng looked at Lin Cha steadily, thinking that this time he must pass it once. After all, it is not a borrowing, but a real fight. Two people wrestle together, but keep a certain distance, do not want too much physical contact. Long Junheng took a deep breath and pushed her away. Lin Cha staggered back two steps and almost fell down. Nima! You are too involved in the play! I almost pushed me down! Your sister! The next second, before Lin Cha could react, Long Junheng raised his hand. Pow! Lin Cha was hit so hard that his face turned to one side and tears almost came out. Long Junheng has actually tried to control himself, want to be light, but after all,lycopene for skin, is a man, no matter how light will be painful. Lin Cha subconsciously touched his cheek and looked angrily at Long Junheng, feeling a burning pain in his right face.