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The struggle of ordinary citizens

  • January 11, 2023 6:10 PM PST

    As he spoke, he remembered the Russo-Japanese War in the 37th year of Meiji. At that time, the Empire had not spread its stall so much this time. The Imperial Army had to shrink its front line to ensure that there would be no accidents in the whole campaign. Now the Chinese Army is far more powerful than the Russian Army, and even better than the Imperial Army to a certain extent. At least two full divisions and a detachment equivalent to a brigade are guaranteed along the Tumen River. In order to force the seven divisions of the Northern Army of China not to move south at the beginning of the war! The meeting was silent, and after a few minutes, Kawai nodded. The meeting did not end until the early hours of the next morning, and the battle plan for China was approved with appropriate amendments. The last snow before the early spring in Tokyo has basically stopped, but the sun has not yet come out, and the cold north wind is still raging in Tokyo. The wind on the empty runway of Tokyo Airport is particularly fierce. If Shanghainese come here, they will find that the airport is actually not much different from the Shanghai Airport built in the 10th year of the Republic of China. In fact, it is the drawing of the Shanghai Airport. Tokyo Airport is the first modern airport in Japan, which witnessed the "friendship" between China and Japan to a certain extent during the period of Takashi Hara. At this time, the thin ice and snow on the runway had been swept away by forklifts. Like most of the facilities at Tokyo Airport, snow plows were also imported to China. The reconciliation of Sino-Japanese relations during the Hara Takashi period made Japan take the opportunity to introduce many advanced "aviation technologies". Japan was the first country outside China to have a modern airport. The S-3-CC passenger plane made in China was pulled out of the hangar,Flush Retrofit Kit, and the pilot began to warm up the engine. The huge roar was heard all around. Japan imported 386 S-3-C planes, but except for dozens of planes that were used for civilian use, most of the others were converted into bombers of the Army Air Force after replacing the new high-power engines. At this time, a group of people who had been waiting at the airport for a long time walked from one side of the airport to the plane. They are senior generals sent to North Korea by the headquarters to command the battlefield, and the frontline headquarters is located in Pusan, North Korea. They were all smiling as if success were on the horizon. One person suggested taking a picture as a souvenir. So they quickly lined up in two rows,stainless steel shower tray, with the plane taking off as the background, and a group photo was taken by the military photographer. Then the people who saw him off rushed forward to greet him. Kawa-san, I wish you success. After taking pictures, Tanaka Yiyi bowed deeply to Kawai Cao, his classmate in the eighth phase of Lu Shi. And then close to him. Kawa-kun, this battle is about the fate of the Empire in the next twenty years! I look forward to your good news in Tokyo! As the chief of staff of the army, he was fully responsible for the command of the operation. After he returned a military salute, his face was full of dignity. Tanaka-san, the Army will do whatever it takes to achieve its mission! All the ceremonies were done, the planes were ready to take off, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Self-closing Shower Valve, and the generals boarded the plane and rushed to the battlefield with a hunger for flesh and blood. The plane soon took off, circled around the airport, and headed west, gradually turning into small black spots until it was no longer visible. Tanaka and his staff watched them go away in silence. In addition to the people who saw him off, there was another person who was also watching what happened at the airport. He was Crown Prince Hirohito, the regent. At the moment, he is in the palace with his fiancee Ryoko. The officer of the guard came in and reported that the men of the army headquarters had set out. The worried Hirohito muttered thoughtfully. Will the cherry blossoms bloom? "Your Majesty, the cherry blossoms in Ueno bloom every March." When Ryoko faintly heard her fiance's words, she answered with a light smile. Oh. But it's March now! The look of worry on Hirohito's face deepened. Was this an ominous sign? At dusk, the setting sun leaves the sea, perhaps because of a day's rush. Although there is no heat and strength in the light, it is full of dreamlike colors, creating a colorful sunset on the sea. In the sparkling light, a merchant ship flying the British flag is sailing at a high speed on the calm sea. Since the end of the European War, merchant ships from Britain, the United States, France, Italy and Germany have once again appeared on the Asian ocean. Despite the competition from China and Japan in the shipping industry, this does not prevent the return of the shipping industry of those European and American powers. From a distance, you can see that the bulk carrier is covered with waterproof canvas, and from time to time on the deck, you can see that blonde Western sailors are busy nervously, as if everything is all right. When the merchant ship passed through the Osumi Strait, a patrol boat of the Japanese local garrison office came towards the merchant ship from a distance. The British captain with a cigar in his mouth in the bridge of the merchant ship looked in the direction of the patrol boat and bit his mouth with a cigar for no reason. Keep your speed at 4 knots! Keep moving! The British captain, dressed in a half-new woolen overcoat, ordered casually. The sailors on the deck seemed to be paying attention to the patrol boat at this time. Although some sailors'expressions did not change, their palms were sweating as the patrol boat approached. Looking at the patrol boat getting closer and closer through the observation hole, Zhao Hengtong gestured to his comrades in the dark cabin to keep silent. On the dark deck of the dark cabin, there was a 3 ~ | | gray and black cylindrical boat, with two torpedoes hanging on both sides of the boat. It was a sea dragon boat! This "British merchant ship" is actually the "Jiang'an" mother ship of the special attack force of the Nanyang Fleet. With a tonnage of 58 ~, the Jiang'an was originally a fast merchant ship, but there was a dark cabin under its cargo hold. The dark cabin could carry 2 ~ Hailong special attack boats. The long-range maneuvers of Hailong boats with a tonnage of no more than 10 tons all depended on the mother ship transport ship. No problem! I'm sure I can't find anything wrong! The approaching patrol boat made Captain Wickham pray softly in his heart that all the information on board was true, and that even if they went on board to inspect it, they would only find that it was the British merchant ship "Old Weida". Like the sailors on the merchant ship,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, Wickham is a soldier of the Chinese Navy. Over the past few years, many foreign immigrants have joined the Navy. Because "foreigners" are relatively easy to hide at sea, most of the captains and sailors on the Navy's four special attack boats are foreign immigrants. Whew! 。