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North gun king Zhang Xiu

  • January 11, 2023 6:08 PM PST

    A Pangulis ranks saw a Huns in front of him who did not know whether he was alive or dead, holding a machete and shouting "wow", with a ferocious smile on his face. But because of the face armor, the Huns can't see at all. Waving his mace as hard as he could, the Huns raised his machete to meet him. Take.. The machete made by the Xiongnu's clumsy blacksmithing skills met a huge mace made of fine iron, and was smashed into pieces by the Pangulus with his barbaric strength. Mace castration is not reduced, under the horse galloping with the sound of whistling, covered with sharp mace suddenly shook on the head of the Huns. Bang.. A muffled sound, the head of the Huns was mace to sweep away the body cavity, the whole head flew into the air, and in the process of flying, mace that huge force to smash the skull fragments, the whole head burst open in the air, scarlet blood, milky white brains and white miserable broken bones from the air. Some stuck to the heavy armor of Pangulis, some fell on the Huns, and most of the rest fell on the ground. The Pangulis did not look at the headless corpse gushing blood from the body cavity, and the speed of the horse did not decrease, hitting another Huns with a mace in his hand. Soldiers to soldiers,Service Sink Faucets, generals to generals! When Pangulis's ranks opened the ring of killing to the Huns, Zhou Cang had already put the target on the head of the Huns. Xiongnu Qifuchang did not know that he had been targeted by Zhou Cang, and was still commanding his Xiongnu people to pounce on Pangulus. Unlike the ordinary Huns, the centurion has experienced dozens of big and small wars. Know that there can be no invincible enemy. As a result, the centurion could not command his Huns to pounce on Pangulis. The intention is to use manpower to kill the invulnerable Pangulis. However, Pangulis's strong fighting power and unparalleled defensive power obviously let the Huns thousand captain disappointed, no matter how many Huns pounced on,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, cut people or cut horses. At most, they can only leave four marks on the heavy armor of Pangulus soldiers or horses. The next moment they will fall under the mace of Pangulis. Xiongnu Qianfuchang cold sweat on the forehead again and again, Pangu Hercules brave has been completely beyond his knowledge, more than ten Xiongnu soldiers rushed up. The ancient Hercules even waved more than a dozen sticks, a stick of the Huns will be solved. The Huns thousand captain still not give up, will not surround his men sent out to besiege the ancient Hercules. There are fewer and fewer people around the Huns, Zhou Cang has to find his Huns to solve one by one, the cold killing machine has locked the Huns. On the battlefield chaos, Zhou Cang a roar, on horseback toward the Huns thousand captain to kill. The Huns had been on the battlefield for a long time. When they saw Zhou Cang coming, they immediately shouted, "Hurry up and stop him!"! Don't let him get close! Then around his side of the Huns should 1, ride a knife to meet the week. Bah.. Zhou Cang's mouth sent out a barbaric roar, like an ancient wild beast, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Tap, the Huns heard this cry, courage immediately went half. Zhou Cang is this effect, in the hands of the mace toward a Huns swept past. Unstoppable! Zhou Cang hands mace hard hit the Huns on the chest, the whole person was beaten backwards, the chest has long become bloody. And the Huns fly upside down the strength of fierce, one after another will be behind the two companions hit. Zhou Cang rode in again and killed the Xiongnu soldiers with several sticks in succession. Xiongnu centurion see, no longer hesitate, armed with a broadsword on horseback to Zhou Cang. Zhou Cang and so on is this moment, hey hey sneer at a few, "whoosh" once, in the hands of the mace swept to, hit the Huns centurion in the hands of the broadsword. Filled with the violent force of the mace, the Xiongnu commander's broadsword was smashed into a bow, and the mace galloped and hit the Xiongnu commander's chest with unstoppable force. Come and die! Zhou Cang shouted, and the leather armor on his chest was smashed to rags! "Poof." The Huns thousand captain opened his mouth and spat out a blood clot, the whole person suddenly pulled up from the horse's back and flew backwards. In the air, the Xiongnu commander looked at the situation on the nearby battlefield. The hundreds of Xiongnu soldiers he had gathered had been defeated by Pangulis. The Xiongru commander's eyes were dim. He said to himself, "King Zuogu, I will try my best at the end!" With the death of the famous two villains, the former camp no longer organized soldiers to carry out stubborn caress, Zhou Cang looked at the water with "eight thousand captains". Holding high the mace, with a greeting, he led three hundred Pangulis to the middle camp. The former camp was embroidered by Zhang, Hu car son and Zhou Cang were led by three teams of Pangulis rampage, making the entire former camp are in a mess, no one came out to organize the Huns soldiers have panic. Kill Huai.. From Pangulis rushed into the Huns camp to now, the battle has lasted for a quarter of an hour, Seibel, Wang Chang led seventy thousand troops from the left and right sides into the Huns camp. The chaos of the former camp made the army control the former camp at once. Zhang embroidered see Seibel with a great army has been killed. Give a quick shout. He reintegrated the scattered Pangulis and led Zhou Cang and Hu Che'er to kill Zhongying. Left valley stupid king in the former camp gate was breached, immediately react to come over, let his horse immediately, as long as on horseback, the Huns are not afraid of any enemy. Rumble The thick sound of iron hooves sounded again, the king frowned, and the sound of iron hooves came together again, which meant that the former camp was finished. At this time, a Xiongnu ran to Zuogu Stupid King's side to report: "My Lord, a lot of Han troops, ah, they attacked from the outside, our people can not withstand!"! And the devil's cavalry! They are sent from heaven to punish us Huns. They are invulnerable. Before the Xiongnu soldier had finished speaking, his head was cut off by the king of Zuogu. Armed with a bloody sword. Xiongnu Zuogu Foolish King shouted, "This man confuses the morale of the troops. He should be killed!"! The enemy is about to rush in,stainless steel toilet, the despicable Han people will only use these plots. The warriors of the Huns, with your swords, take down the heads of the Han people to maintain the glory of our Huns! "Ho ho ho!" "Clang clang clang".