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    January 10, 2023 5:04 PM PST

    Hawk's face was red, even the muscles in the corners of his eyes were trembling, and his whole body was trembling with excitement! "One ride counts for a thousand!"! Fuck! This is the legend of riding a thousand! Roderia fighters!! Boom! In front of the two lonely ride directly into the enemy thousands of ranks, the horse thief team like a dark cloud, immediately the figure of Shaya and Sharba completely swallowed up! The two men, like a sharp needle, pierced the enemy's ranks and disappeared! See the round horse thief team shouted to kill the sky, as far as the eye can see, people turned upside down, face to face a few horse thieves in Xia Ya head, directly by Xia Ya solo breakthrough into! A few horse thieves haven't met yet, and they were crushed directly! Behind Sharba followed behind Shaya, a long axe gun swept a piece, immediately is flesh and blood flying! The blood-colored red waves were soon covered by the dust all over the sky, and Shaya's two riders were like a stone thrown into the river, stirring up a little spray, and soon disappeared. Hawk saw his heart beating like a drum, and the blood of his whole body seemed to rush to the top of his head, blushing, and suddenly there was a sense of shame in his heart! He always pretends to be brave, but just now Xia Ya two people two ride rush array, where does he have such courage?! Seeing Shaya disappear, Hawk was so anxious that he suddenly stretched out a hand beside him and pressed it on his shoulder. Looking back, he saw that it was indeed Shaya's subordinate named Philip. He'll be all right. Philip has a complicated look. Moments later, I heard a sudden noise from the horse thief, and saw from a distance that in the chaos of the cavalry, a horse thief's flag suddenly fell down, randomly in the center of that place, the horse thief suddenly spread out in all directions, and in the chaos, the two riders suddenly came out of the crowd! All the way,Sex Enhancement Powder, blood waves billowing! Shaya was in front, covered with blood, holding a hammer in one hand and carrying a bloody head in the other! Sharba followed him, his hair and beard covered with blood, and his bright armor was scarlet! Two people broke out of the horse thief's queue, see run out of more than ten steps, behind the horse thief to chase out, Xia Ya suddenly roared, unexpectedly did not run back directly, but riding a horse suddenly turned a direction to the side, turned around to the back of the chasing dozens of horse thieves to meet up again! Saw him edge hammer swept past, immediately there are three or five horse thieves directly from the horse's back was swept out, broken arm stump throw, Xia Ya like a tiger mercilessly again into the other side of the array! This time, the chasing dozens of horse thieves suddenly let out a cry, and then a swarm of bees scattered backward, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Xia Ya unexpectedly rushed into the ranks of horse thieves again, this time it was a mess, wherever he went, the human wave rolled toward both sides! Seeing that he and Sharba were invincible, they crashed into the ranks of the horse thieves, and this time another horse thief's flag soon fell down, shouting to kill the boiling sky! Moments later, Shaya came out from the other side of the horse thief line, this time his body armor was cut in many places, there are some pieces of meat hanging on the body, the whole body murderous look, like a killing God! Two cavalry rushed out of the ranks of the horse thief back, this time although the number of horse thieves, but no one dare to chase! Shaya and Sharba galloped back, rushed into the train, stopped their horses, threw the hammer to the ground, wiped the blood on their faces, and laughed wildly: "Happy!" He looked back at Sharba. "How's it going?" 。 Sharba was out of breath, but his back was still straight, but he was injured, the armor of his shoulder was cut off, and his thigh was pierced. Sharba turned over and dismounted. Although he was injured, he also wiped the blood on his face. He raised his eyebrows and laughed wildly: "Cool!"! It's just that these guys are weak! Not satisfying!! Shaya laughed, turned over and dismounted, leaving a bloody head on the ground from the saddle! Hawk stepped forward and saw that the head was none other than the commander of the Cossack mercenary regiment! "I met him in the battle and cut him down!" Xia Ya smiled proudly, but this time his eyes swept past, but Hawk's whole body trembled, although he was brave, but at the moment as if Xia Ya momentum pressure, dare not look directly at each other's eyes! At this moment, Xia Ya's whole body was stained with blood, and his armor was covered with bloody pieces of meat! This appearance, immediately shocked everyone! Then not long after, suddenly a, cheers like thunder! There is such a brave killing God on his own side, but also afraid of a small horse thief?! After seeing the queue of the horse thieves in the distance killed two in and out by Xia Ya, they were already in a mess, and it took an hour to finish the rectification. The momentum of the horse thieves was obviously much weaker, although they still shouted threats, but the momentum was obviously not as strong as before. Seeing that the sun was in the west, seven or eight riders suddenly rushed out of the ranks of horse thieves, led by a strong and ferocious man with a bald head and a fleshy face. He was holding a long axe and wearing iron armor on his chest. He was obviously the leader of a group of horse thieves. The seven or eight riders rushed to the front of the chariot array and did not dare to approach from a distance. The bald man at the head shouted, "That guy in the daytime, come out and die!"! You killed my brother, and I'm here to kill you! At the moment, Shaya was sitting under the carriage to rest. His armor was stained with blood but had not been replaced. He was covered with the smell of blood. Even Hawk, who had been quite congenial with him for several days, was in awe and dared not approach him. As soon as Xia Ya heard the call outside, he looked up and grinned grimly. He turned over and got on the horse and ran out of the cart to the front. Although the bald man on the opposite side was ferocious,Thyroid Powder Factory, as soon as he saw Xia Ya running out and seeing Xia Ya covered with blood, he couldn't help losing his momentum. But then he summoned up his anger and shouted, "That's you!"! Do you dare to fight with me for three hundred axes? 。