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    January 10, 2023 5:03 PM PST

    Ming Duoduo, I admire you. She forced herself to be calm, and her tone was quite relaxed. "The poisonous incense of my funeral door is probably useless in front of you." In the field of martial arts, I have to use some small skills to show off my incompetence in front of you. She stepped forward slowly with a half-smile on her face, effectively controlling the change of her expression so that the other party would not see her guilty. As soon as the sword is raised, her watery bright eyes appear strange light, which is useless to use. With a long laugh, Lao Dao reached the left side of Baijue Touyang. The prestige of the Third Lady of Jianghu is higher than that of Brother Puhua Fa of Baijue Toutuo. Laodao said brazenly, "On the bed." Kung Fu, brother Puhua Fa is supposed to be low but not high. How interesting! In and out of bed, Puhuafani should not be able to handle you, the womanizer. The bully needs to ask, the esophagus has to add people! In the Hunton Palace, this is called. "Double axe felling hibiscus, ha ha." Bai Juetou Tuo was even more shameless, and his obscene laughter was harsh. "Brother Dao, I've been waiting in vain today anyway." There is no news yet, and I am bored! "Let's get rid of this temptress and be happy. The Buddha goes first." "You go first,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, you die first." Lady Liu gritted her teeth and said, "There are two common sayings: If you die under the peony flower, you will be romantic even if you are a ghost.". Old people If you don't have any ability, put it near the tiger's mouth to hunt? You two can't get a chance to get together. You must first. Die. A middle-aged man appeared behind her, smiling. What was the result of the joint attack of the three talents? "Lady Liu, you have no chance," said the middle-aged man with his sword. "You can rest assured that I will be able to get my capital back." Lady Liu was no longer timid. "If you're lucky,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, you should." You can earn one. "Maybe you really have the determination to die." Lao Dao has a pretty good idea that it is not difficult for a person who deliberately fights to the death to fight to the death of the other party. The three of them were one to one, and no one could beat Mrs. Liu. Mrs. Ben doesn't care about life or death. "When people die, there is nothing left." "People will die sooner or later. There is not much difference between living for a day and living for a year." "In fact, you have no reason to fight with us." "You are forcing me to die. In the past, this lady was a friend of the five sons of Zhongzhou!"! One of you is not worth half to shelter. The little brute of money forced me to be a friend who had done my best for you, and the poet girl was killed and wounded, and could not get any benefit from you. Friends, if you can really rebuild the mixed stew palace, it should be said that it is God's will; it is not the luck that you have worked hard to get. This pass person is like today. If I don't die, I will lobby all the heroes in the world, and the General Assembly will be a mess of the palace, and I will be irreconcilable with you. "It's not fair for you to say that, Mrs. Liu." Lane tone a soft, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Quillaja Saponin, "Jing Hong swordsman and you are the same, the same for this." Can you blame the palace for sheltering him when the people of the palace come and harass him? "I know that you think that my men have been killed and wounded by working for you, and that I am no longer useful." So in order to get the support of Zhenwu Garden, he sacrificed me to shelter the little beast. But you're missing two important things. Reality. "What are two important facts?" "First, the little brute, those friends of Zhenwu Garden, have been scared shitless by the Baji Youlong, and are against the Baji Youlong." People, Jianghu friends know that it must not be a good thing. How dare they stand up for Zhenwu Garden and be spurned by others? So you can't get it again. With the support of friends from Zhenwu. First, your enemy of life and death is still elusive to track your whereabouts, you rebuild the palace of chaos. Wishful thinking, hit a wrong slot, your life and death is still uncertain. Abandon my top friends and turn into you. Threatening enemies, if you are not foolish, you are short-sighted and ignorant. If I am willing to cooperate with Yang Yiyuan, do you think The result? "You.." "Are you confident that you can trap me?" Lao Dao's face gradually changed, and he was indeed a little frightened. If Mrs Liu does not go all out with them, go all out to break through the siege, not only to pay Considerable price, and not absolutely sure to kill her, after escaping with Yang Yiyuan cooperation, the result is really hard to imagine. Lady Liu's analysis is also very pertinent, these two things are very important, almost can be said to be related to their survival. "You can't fly away alive, but I don't deny that you will pay a price that is quite unfavorable to us." Laodao Turned his head and gazed at the startled swordsman not far away. His eyes changed. "I don't want to pay the price, but.." "You don't have to pay the price." Mrs Liu also tone a soft, "as long as the little beast to me, I am still your friend." Friend. "People can't be handed over to you." Lao Dao said in a deep voice. You're going to lose both sides. "Find him yourself." Lao Dao said loudly without blushing. You "My people do not interfere in the love and resentment between you." Thank you. I promise you won't regret it. "Still a friend?" "Credit guarantee." Mrs. Liu said with pleasure. I trust your assurance. "Mrs. Ben will not make a slip of the tongue." "Be my guest." Lao Dao flashed aside. The figure, like a streamer, rushed at the swordsman not far away. Jing Hong swordsman had already raised his vigilance, and Lao Dao spoke loudly, with the intention of letting him hear so that he could prepare early, which was moral. I have something to say. He had one foot on the half-unconscious overlord sword Qihua, and paid attention to dealing with people on this side. To Liu Biao a dozen hand type signal, fly away. "Can you go, little beast?" Mrs. Liu shouted and chased after her. It is very difficult to chase a coward in this kind of house. He can hide everywhere and disappear at the first turn. Here we go. Out of the corner of a house, in front of it was a small peach grove planted with more than twenty peach trees, and outside the grove was the outer courtyard of Guanhou Jingshi District. Wall, as long as you jump over the wall and go out, you can stay away from the dangerous situation of Yuxuguan. Liu Biao took the lead and rushed into the small peach grove, followed by the startled swordsman. Behind the figure scurrying, is the night eagle. Why are you here? Jing Hong Chuang Ke crouched down and looked back alertly to see if Mrs. Liu was hiding in a tree. Here we go. As soon as Liu Biao hits the hand type,Thyroid Powder Factory, sweeps to the courtyard wall, the status low person explores the way in front, Liu Biao plays the role of the attendant to be quite dutiful.