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    January 10, 2023 5:03 PM PST

    Success is not enough, failure is more than enough! Wen Rushi turned his head, relaxed his tense face, and asked the servant of the Su Mansion in an unusually amiable voice, "I don't know what to call this little brother?" As soon as the servant of the Su family saw that it was her, instead of putting down the umbrella in his hand, he became even more frightened: "What do you want to do?!" Wen Ru is a stagnation. She wanted to ask his name, and then let his disrespectful bodyguard apologize to him, not to stop without his forgiveness, but to know that in the eyes of others, she was more terrible than the bodyguard. She touched her nose shyly and took two steps forward to soften her voice. "People are not sensible and misinterpret my meaning. I'll ask them to come to your house later to make amends for you.". Don't be afraid. I won't get into the sedan chair. I'll just say a few words to Mr. Su and leave. The boy was so frightened that he only said that it was a bad luck to be caught this time. The two sedan-chair bearers were afraid that it would be useless. If the childe had fallen into the hands of this wicked man, he would have suffered a lot. If he had known earlier, he would not have been allowed to go out. He burst into tears, waving the fragile paper umbrella with his thin arms and blocking the sedan chair with red eyes: "Get out of here!"! Get out of here and don't come here. Wen Rushi is really embarrassed. This is all what ah, she is clearly trying to ease the relationship between the two sides, did not expect to show up, the children were scared to cry. This child has only been promoted to junior high school in modern times. She didn't even touch the door of Su Qingchen's sedan chair, and she howled so miserably, as if she had really done something to him. Not in the past,Kava Root Extract, not in the past, the big deal is to stand here, Su Fu's face she still has to give. Wen Rushi cleared his throat and raised his voice. "Mr. Su, Wen Rushi has something to tell me. Can you come out and see me?" There was silence in the sedan chair. After a moment, a clear male voice came from inside: "Lonely men and widows, from the fields of melons and plums. It's better not to see the reputation of the five emperors." Wen Rushi is happy to hear, this is not what she used to prevaricate Wen Xiangning before! So soon he was brought back to her, it seems that this Su Qingchen is not a person without temper. It's a pity that this is effective on the woman,D BHB Factory, and it's completely painless to put it on her. It's just a false reputation. Mr. Su doesn't have to worry about me. Wen so shamelessly strode forward, the Su family boy also wanted to come over to stop her, was she stretched out a spin, gently and skillfully on the side. Let him is to take care of Su Qingchen's face, people Su Qingchen did not let her go, if this boy is still unrelenting to come up to entangle is too no wink. Loyalty also has to be used in the right place, even if she hurts herself, she won't hurt Su Qingchen! The boy behind him was still shouting, "Let me go!"! Ming-feng, who was holding his arm, was unmoved, and her eyes did not blink with a paralyzed face. The sedan chair sighed softly, only to see a slender white hand slowly opened the curtain. The bright light only illuminated half of Su Qingchen's gentle face. His black and bright eyes were hidden in the darkness. He was so calm that he could not see the slightest bit of anger: "Five Empresses, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Theobromine Powder, you have to forgive others and forgive others. You are pressing each other step by step. Even if you ignore the eyes of others, my face is still needed.". If you have anything to say, you can say it here. Wen Rusi also did not embarrass him, moved to the window, through the small sedan window, quietly looking at his side. He didn't look like Houqing at all, but she knew he was. I've wronged you all these years. I'm sorry. Wen Rushi said slowly, his voice was cautious, and Su Qingchen in the sedan chair heard the words, and his hand on the curtain was stiff. After a while, he opened his mouth: "The words of the five emperors are too serious." Wen Rushi smiled slowly. It is surprising that Houqing, who was raised in the boudoir, should have such a good temper. Subconsciously, she raised her hand to touch his hand. In the middle of it, she felt a little abrupt. Then she took it back and coughed. "I used to be young, and I will make it up to you in the future." "No," Su Qingchen replied with a polite smile on her lips. "If there is nothing else, please let the servants of Su Fu go and let us leave." Wen Rushi wanted to keep him talking for a while, but he was afraid that he would be bored by pushing him too hard. She sighed and turned to Ming-feng with a wink. If you want to make a quick decision on this matter, you have to put it on the female emperor. The boy, who had no one to control him, rushed to the side of the sedan chair to separate her line of sight and stared at her with red eyes. The sedan-chair bearers, who were blocked in the periphery, came trembling and lifted the sedan chair. Seeing that the falling curtain was covering Su Qingchen's face, Wen Rushi suddenly shouted, "Mr. Su, I will visit you at your house tomorrow." The boy on the side of the sedan chair turned his head and glanced at her again. Who needs a visit from her?! No one in Sufu will welcome her! Wei Qinglin saw that the small sedan chair was far away, and Wen Rushi looked at it reluctantly, and could not help but curl the corners of her mouth. Heart way these five empresses really changed their temper, all stopped people, but also do not catch not tied up, not exciting at all! She pulled the sleeve of Wen Rushi's robe and said, "I'm back to my senses!"! What are you doing? You're not really going to Sufu tomorrow, are you? "Of course I will." Wen Rushi waved his sleeves leisurely and slowly went down the mountain with his hands on his back. Wei Qinglin sneered, "Are you kidding me?"? Su Shangshu that old woman is willing to let you into the door, I believe, at least you are also a queen, she did not have the courage to shut out the royal people. But I wouldn't believe that she would agree to let you see her son. Wen Rushi raised his eyebrows and laughed wantonly. "I have my own idea. Tomorrow you can find something to do by yourself. Don't bother me." Wei Qinglin gritted her teeth and said that she was still panting. Without her advice, she didn't believe that Wen Rushi could come up with any good ideas. Early the next morning, Wei Qinglin got up and thought about it, but she still couldn't hold back her curiosity. At noon, he rode in a carriage to the residence of the five empresses. When he asked, the concierge said that the empress had gone out with Ming-feng and Xiyue early in the morning, but he didn't explain where she was going. Wei Qinglin said,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, she didn't really go to Su Fu, did she? Su Shangshu that old woman can give her a good look?! At that moment, he ordered people to turn the horse's head and go to the lane.