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    January 10, 2023 5:00 PM PST

    Fang Lin is on his way back to Wudang at the moment. After the contest, Fang Lin feels dazed. But anyway, he has to wait for the sky to faint first. To put it simply, Fang Lin has to take care of his face. At this moment, Fang Lin has three identities, the head of Wudang, the descendant of Zhongtian God, and the saint of the holy religion. There are three titles, the virtue of Danjiang County, the conscience of Hubei, and the new first knight-errant! At this moment, Fang Lin is anxious to return to Wudang, because it has been two months, and he has been away from Wudang for two months. Fang Lin is really worried. Moreover, in the first New Year of the world, Fang Lin still hopes to spend it with all the people in Wudang. Horseshoe bursts, Fang Lin's mind has slowly drifted away. At this moment, he looked at his booty, a waist card, Fang Lin looked depressed, it said a big first knight-errant, Fang Lin helpless ah. However, he became famous in World War I, and was barely the first person of the younger generation. Moreover, in any case, he did not let the Holy Church lose face. The Holy Church should give himself some benefits. However, Fang Lin only felt that there were more mysteries. What was the identity of Wu Tian? His strength was not something that could be cultivated by ordinary forces. Moreover, wasn't that knife exactly what he saw on the waist card? However,tin beneficiation plant, since seeing the waist card in the eye of heaven, Fang Lin was confused. Fang Lin took out the waist card on his body, which was an iron fist, but there was also a ten written on it, representing the number ten, but there was no number written on the knife waist card. Maybe it's just a coincidence, said Fang Lin. Wudang is far away from Dayu City. After seven days, Fang Lin returned to Wudang. In this world, the lack of transportation is really inconvenient. Fang Lin returned to Wudang, breathing the air of Wudang,coltan ore processing, only to feel that the air was so kind. At the moment, it was still cold, but for Fang Lin, it had no effect at all. A simple Taoist robe fluttered with the cold wind, looking very chic. Fanglin did not intend to ride a horse or fly up the mountain. He chose to walk. Fang Lin looked at the scenery of Wudang, more and more happy, only to feel that these days of depression are swept away, along the way, there are still many pilgrims, even in winter, there are devout believers to burn incense. Seeing Fang Lin, they were all very surprised. They all knew that Sanfeng had gone to Dayu City and won the title of the first knight-errant. However, Sanfeng Taoist had been away for two months, and when he returned, everyone was naturally delighted. Along the way, as long as they meet people, they will ask Fang Lin for warmth, Fang Lin is not bored, but feel cordial, there is a feeling of going home to see the neighbors. It seems that I can't leave Wudang. I'd better go out less and stay in Wudang more. Fang Lin really wanted to shout at the moment: Wudang, gold CIP machine ,tin beneficiation plant, Zhang Zhenren, I'm back! Along the way, Fang Lin finally came to the gate of Wudang, looking at the Xuanyue archway, his handwriting is still hanging on it, far from the real Wudang, but Fang Lin has patience, this is his own home, visit his own home, what can be bored? Fang Lin walked for a long time before he came to Wudang. At this moment, the lay disciples of Wudang were practicing. Fang Hua stood with a halberd. When he saw Fang Lin, he bowed slightly. The lay disciples also saw that their master had come back. Moreover, at this moment, their master had come back triumphantly. Everyone had a feeling of honor in their hearts and felt very proud! Yes, just as one's own parents are suddenly promoted to be the CEO of the company, how can one's children not be proud? Although Fang Lin is not very old, he is the master, and he is the master that everyone respects. Seeing that the lay disciples wanted to come, but there was no action, Fang Lin felt relieved. Yes, Wudang was developing. From the battle of Canglang Stronghold, Fang Lin knew that the lay disciples of Wudang were growing up. Fang Lin did not leave, so quietly sat down, watching the lay disciples practice, they are also more energetic, the master is not in Wudang, they feel strange. Although Fang Lin is the master of a school, he has no airs, and is not as serious as the masters of other schools. His disciples can joke with him. As long as it does not involve any problems, the master will not mind. However, they dare not violate the majesty of the master. They all see and remember the strength of the master. Fang Lin watched quietly, Fang Hua in this respect, indeed much better than Fang Lin. Seeing that they played a set of flower boxing first, Fang Lin smiled happily. He was a great success. He could see at a glance that the lay disciples were all good. Then there were the Eight Treasures Pile and the Zhenshan Iron Palm. In fact, Fang Lin did not hide private things. In his opinion, the lay disciples were actually Wudang disciples who were not monks. He treated them equally, but he did not teach them anything profound, such as silver hook and iron painting. It's not much use to teach. The voice of the lay disciples shouted loudly, Fang Lin looked at it, and his head was in high spirits. He also played a few moves to shake the mountain's iron palm. Seeing that the lay disciples cheered repeatedly, he quickly corrected his movements. Fang Lin felt a little gaffe, but looking at the excited appearance of the lay disciples, Fang Lin also smiled happily. Then, Fang Lin took Wudang lay disciples to have lunch. Everyone rushed up excitedly. Fang Lin was very popular. If there was a popular master list, Fang Lin would definitely be the first! Then he met Song yuanqiao, Yu Lianzhou and others. Zhang Xisong changed his appearance at the moment. He had been in Wudang for several months, and several brothers were very kind to him. At the moment, he was a younger brother. He was good at martial arts, because he wanted to become stronger. Although it was contrary to Taoism, Fang Lin believed that his mood would change when he was old. Soon, all the disciples got the news. Some disciples had just entered Wudang and had not seen the virtues of Danjiang County. They wanted to see the elegance. But at first glance, in addition to handsome, there is nothing special, not as dignified as imagined, but approachable, not as immortal as imagined, but also elegant and unrestrained. Looking at the present Wudang, Fang Lin felt more and more gratified. Wudang had recruited some disciples who knew martial arts. As long as their conduct was good, Wudang would not refuse. At the moment, Song yuanqiao and others, with the help of Jindan,gold heap leaching, were also late the day after tomorrow. Zhang Xisong was almost in the middle of the day after tomorrow, but it was not bad. As for Yu Daiyan, Fang Lin is very pleased that Wudang has a formal congenital.