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    January 10, 2023 4:56 PM PST

    Things seem to be moving towards a good situation, but the problem of our uncle Xia Ya's mount has not been solved after all. Helplessly returned to the city, Xia Ya walked blankly on the road, sitting on horseback thinking hard, but ultimately there is no way. The speed of the beast is really too slow, when the cavalry mount drawbacks are too big, how can we find a load, and can run, it is best to shape a little cool thing, to this uncle as a mount? Dragon! The dragon is the most attractive. But besides the dragon? Well, it's better to fly in the sky! Shaya thought fiercely in her heart. Because of the idea of the dragon knight, Xia Ya naturally raised the standard in his heart a little subconsciously-he couldn't get the dragon as a mount, so the substitute couldn't be too bad, right? So walking in the street, he did not deliberately control the horse, and when he looked up, he found that he had come to a quiet street. The guards behind them followed Shaya's horses loyally, but the general did not speak and just walked forward. Naturally, the guards followed him in silence, and no one said anything. But as soon as Xia Ya looked at the street in front of him, he couldn't help smiling bitterly. The street was originally located in a secluded area,Narrow aisle rack, and at this time, the intersection of the street was also controlled by the army in the city dispatched by Xia Ya, and almost half of the street was cleared. Just because this street is inhabited by the most distinguished guests in the city of Denzel. The present queen, Her Royal Highness Daphne. To be honest, Shaya was a little resistant to meeting Daphne. Not for anything else, just because no matter how thick-skinned Tubie is, he feels that in the face of this beautiful and moving queen, he really can't pull down his face. Originally,long span shelving, he had not had much contact with Daphne, but the only two times they were "alone", the first time was when he saved someone's life at a hunting meeting outside the city of Osgillia, which was all right, and he accidentally stretched out his evil claws and grabbed the girl's chest. The second time we were alone, it was in Daphne's house on this street in Denzel City, and Shaya accidentally hugged her and grabbed the girl's buttocks with her evil claws. (Well, it actually feels really good to say..) An absurd idea came to Tubie's mind. Because two people get along alone so twice, the process is not very satisfactory, so Xia Ya is trying to avoid meeting with the queen after. Even though he had been back in Denzel City for so many days, he had not seen the queen. It was reasonable to say that he, as a courtier, should have gone to see the queen. It seemed that Daphne had the same idea as Shaya and was trying to avoid meeting the woodlouse. When Shaya went to war, Daphne lived in the garrison house to accompany the poor man, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Steel racking system, but when Shaya came back, Daphne immediately moved back to her own residence. And, to tell the truth, the queen is really a problem here. When he met the little emperor in the imperial capital, Garcia avoided talking about the empress. The rabbit emperor knew clearly that his wife lived here, but he didn't even ask a question. His attitude was really ambiguous. Since the emperor did not ask, it was obvious that his attitude was not clear, and he could not deal with such a sensitive person rashly. But Shaya remembered that Dora had said to herself in her mind afterwards: "Obviously the emperor doesn't want the queen to go back.". Don't want the queen to go back? That is to make Xia Ya even more at a loss. Fine The emperor is a rabbit, he does not want the queen to return to his side, so as not to look at the eyesore, that is understandable, but left in Lao Tzu here, is not a problem? As a result, Xia Ya simply came to avoid seeing him as if there was no such person in the city. Anyway, I have a big family now, and it's no problem to support an idle person-besides, that woman doesn't eat much. The horses had arrived at the gate of the small courtyard where the queen lived, and the guards at the gate had seen the arrival of the highest officer, and immediately all lined up to greet them collectively. Looking at the guards standing in two rows with straight bodies, Xia Ya blushed and was embarrassed to say that he had come here carelessly. After a slight hesitation, our general sat on his horse and said in a deep voice, "What's the situation?" The leader of the guard, an upright sergeant, shouted, "Don't worry, General. There is absolutely no problem with safety.". We will guard here very safely, and there will be no idle people coming in and out on weekdays. "Well, inside is our military region's distinguished guest, you must show the greatest loyalty to guard here, absolutely can not make half a mistake!" Shaya gave a lecture with a straight face. The sergeants had no chance to see the general on weekdays. When they got the lecture from the highest officer, they were all red with excitement, and their bodies were tight and straight. They were all full of energy and wished they could respond loudly with a roaring voice: "Yes!" The voice was so loud that Xia Ya was almost startled. At this time, a girl's head appeared in the courtyard door, looked outside the door, looked at the guards outside the door are standing in line, Xia Ya sat on the horse with a face of righteous lecture, the young girl suddenly turned pale, exclaimed and quickly shrank back. Shaya recognized that it was one of the maids he had sent. He brought so many maids from the imperial capital, most of whom had restored their freedom and promised to the soldiers in the army as wives, while a few of them were willing to stay in the general's office as attendants. Shaya did not have the habit of being served by these delicate women, except for the maids given by Emperor Garcia, who were specially appointed to serve the poor, and the others were arranged to come here to serve the queen. Anyway, the queen's status is noble, and it's good to arrange some maids to serve her. The maid was startled by the battle outside the door, ran in and exclaimed, and there was a sound of chickens flying and dogs jumping inside,Cantilever Storage rack, and some maids screamed again and again. Shaya sighed, "Damn, I can't do this without showing up.".